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Hill's Pet Nutrition - Transforming the lives of pets and people who care for them through the power of nutrition
Hill's Prescription Diet for dogs
Hill's Prescription Diet for cats

Breed NutritionTM

Every breed is unique, and so are their health needs. Get advice and information on the right breed for you, and the right nutrition for them.

Dog range Cat range
Hill's Science Plan for dogs
Hill's Science Plan for cats

Care NutritionTM

This range has been created by vets and nutritionists. It uses the highest quality, most nutrient rich ingredients to help some of the most common sensitivities.

Dog range Cat range
Hill's Ideal Balance for dogs
Hill's Ideal Balance for cats

Health NutritionTM

The individual health of every cat and dog is as unique as they are. Discover how our nutrition ranges can help every pet enjoy its best health possible.

Dog range Cat range

Puppyhood - An amazing transformation

Kittenhood - An amazing transformation

Incredible in every detail