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Proden PlaqueOff Powder for Dog & Cat
Proden PlaqueOff Powder for Dog & Cat

Proden PlaqueOff Powder for Dog & Cat

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Plaque Off is an easy way to keep your pet’s teeth clean and problem-free. How it works The ingredients in Plaque Off work by being absorbed into your pet’s saliva and dissolving plaque....  Read more

Proden PlaqueOff Powder for Dog & Cat

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Product details

Plaque Off is an easy way to keep your pet’s teeth clean and problem-free.

How it works

The ingredients in Plaque Off work by being absorbed into your pet’s saliva and dissolving plaque. This simple formula contains no artificial colours, preservatives, gluten or sugar – so it’s good for their whole bodies, not just their gums and teeth.

Key features

  • made from all natural ingredients
  • comes in a granulated formula that makes it easy to add to your pet’s food without them noticing – for fuss-free treatment.

When to use it

Plaque forms on teeth just hours after eating and not only causes terrible breath, but also quickly becomes a breeding ground for germs. When it mixes with the salt in your dog or cat’s saliva, it hardens into tartar – becoming even harder to remove – and pushes up the gums, exposing the root of the tooth. This makes your pet’s teeth very sensitive and can cause them significant pain.

Bacteria can also travel from your pet’s mouth to other areas of the body through the bloodstream, causing issues in the heart, liver and kidneys. Signs that your pet is struggling with plaque build-up include bad breath, brown marks around the gums and obvious discomfort – your dog or cat may flinch if you touch their gums or they might even bleed.


The active ingredient is a specially selected alga, Ascophyllum nodosum. Plaque Off product powder is 100% natural, free from additives and artificial preservatives and contains no gluten or added sugar.




Small dogs and cats up to 10kg

½ scoop daily

Medium dogs, 10 - 25kg

1 scoop daily

Large dogs, 25kg +

2 scoops daily


Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 141  Reviews

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  • Every day
    This small tub lasts ages if you only have one dog and gradually the plaque is disappearing from my spaniels teeth although I have taken to brushing his teeth once a day as there is one section which is proving hard to shift. I remember how my previous spaniel had to be anaesthetised in order to remove the plaque from her teeth and her breath was awful so I'm determined for that not to happen with my new dog.
    Gilly - June 3, 2020
  • good value for money
    My 3 dogs love it they have it on their dinner every day they enjoy it
    Leslie Bidder - January 29, 2020
  • Dental care
    I use this plaque off daily, brush my dogs teeth 3 times a week and use dental sticks has treat and I noticed a different straight away because of the several things I do to look after his teeth
    Sophie - December 29, 2019
  • Excellent product
    This product is a godsend, saving me worrying about my dogs teeth and breath as much, and also my dog from the dreaded toothbrush! Recommended by vets and certainly does the job!
    Georgie - October 27, 2019
  • Plaque Off
    Very good product, stops bad breath and helps remove plaque. We will continue to use Plaque Off.
    Peter - August 31, 2019