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Kong Wubba Assorted Dog Tug Toy
Kong Wubba Assorted Dog Tug Toy

Kong Wubba Assorted Dog Tug Toy

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Your dog will love playing with this squeaky Kong Wubba – perfect for games of chase and fetch at the park or in the garden.  How it works This toy has a tough squeaker ball and durable...  Read more

Kong Wubba Assorted Dog Tug Toy

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Product details

Your dog will love playing with this squeaky Kong Wubba – perfect for games of chase and fetch at the park or in the garden. 

How it works

This toy has a tough squeaker ball and durable nylon fabric construction, so no matter how excited your pet gets during playtime, the Kong Wubba can take the punishment. It's not indestructible of course, but perfect for a bit of fetch or playful wrestling. The long tails of material give your dog (and you) something to grab and pull on, so it's easy for them to get engaged with. 

This patented shape is only found on the Kong Wubba. It's suitable for all breeds and ages – just make sure you supervise them during playtime. 

Key benefits

  • patented shape promotes easy play
  • tough squeaker ball stimulates during play
  • durable nylon fabric construction
  • great for indoor or outdoor use
  • suitable for all ages and breeds

When to use it

Your dog's mental well-being is just as important as their physical health and playtime gives them the opportunity to keep both in shape. Mental stimulation encourages longer, more fulfilling play too. The squeaker in this toy will satisfy their hunting instincts when they get hold of it and the solid construction means you can enjoy games of tug without fear of breaking anything. 

Always make sure to keep an eye on your pet during playtime of course, as they can easily get overexcited. Even the toughest toys can be chewed to pieces by a dog, so if there's serious damage and loose pieces they could swallow, take the toy off them.

Always ensure play is supervised. This toy is not recommended as a chew toy and is not indestructible.

***Please note colour cannot be guaranteed. ***

Customer reviews

4 out of 5 15  Reviews

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  • Amazing toy!
    this is the only toy my staffordshire bull terrier has not been able to rip apart in her 9 months of life unlike every other toy we have bought.
    katie - February 6, 2017
  • Kong Wubba Large
    Recommended by a friend who has a boxer, extremely disappointed with the product , it lasted less than a day before my English Setter had chewed the fabric and bitten a hole in the ball!
    Graham Carbis - January 17, 2017
  • Wubber toy
    Don't know why I didn't buy one earlier our 8 Yr Staffie Boxer cross is terrible for destroying toys none last for more than 5mins he has had his Wubber for a week now it still squeaks still in one piece been chewed used as a pull toy he loves it
    Mrs Linda Handford - January 1, 2017
  • Kong Wubber best toy BUT
    I have bought several of these for my now 2 year old small dog, it is definitely his most favourite, the squeak has always lasted for quite a while but last time i had one the small one a red one arrived which was nice because he hadn't had a red one before, but the squeak didn't work so it was exchanged for me by pet-supermarket when the new one arrived it did squeak i gave it to my very excited dog but the squeak lasted for maximum 5 minutes i didn't bother to complain again but do wonder is the red one faulty want to order another but don't want a red one.
    Pauline - December 3, 2016
  • My boxer puppy loves this toy, it is very durable, we can play tug with it and he loves to shake and toss it around, he shows it no mercy!. I'm pleased I got it for him as it is a top toy.
    Bernie - March 30, 2015