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Adopting a pet


On 4th November, 2016 the film "A Street Cat named Bob" will be released in the UK, about a famous street cat named Bob, and his owner. Inspired by this true story, we want to make sure that people know the facts about abandoned pets across the UK, and provide more details on how you can help a cat, a dog, or any small pet in need of a new home.

What is the pet adoption situation like currently?

There are thousands of pets looking for a home every day. Whether their owners have simply no longer been able to care for them, or through dreadful circumstances such as cruelty and neglect, vulnerable animals are rescued daily and placed at shelters where they wait in the hope of finding their forever home. With animal shelters becoming more and more over-populated and some having to euthanise healthy animals due to lack of space, there’s never been a more important time to consider adopting a pet.

Why should I adopt a pet?

You are saving a life

Many animals have been rescued from terrible circumstances or their owners were simply no longer able to look after them. Additionally, shelters are struggling to cope with the large numbers of animals needing rehomed, with some shelters having to euthanise due to lack of space.

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You are helping to put a stop to pet shops and puppy farms

Puppy farms illegally breed puppies solely for profit, with no regard for animal welfare. At puppy farms, dogs are kept in alarming conditions, forced to breed, and usually do not receive any veterinary care.

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It is rewarding

Adopting a pet gives an animal a second chance at a happy life, which is an amazing thing to be able to do.

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You are able to find the right pet for you

With all sorts of animals of all breeds and ages needing rehoming, there’s so much choice! You can also get to know your pet before taking them home, leading to a more

animal group

You will save money

You’ll receive a reduction on initial veterinary fees as shelters often microchip, vaccinate, spay and neuter the animals under their care. This also means the animals are healthier.

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You will be able to care for your pet more easily

Many of the animals are housetrained, making them easier to care for. Additionally, adopting from a recognised charity means you’ll have support, training and advice on hand even after your pet has moved in.

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How do I adopt a pet?

As the saying goes, a pet truly is for life, not just for Christmas. While adopting a pet is a very exciting time, the decision to adopt should be made after serious thought.

Firstly, start by asking yourself…

cost requirements

Am I able to afford to keep a pet?

  • Adopting a cat costs between £35-£60 depending on the age of the cat.
  • Total costs per year for a cat (food, vet bills, insurance, toys, other costs) can range anywhere from £340-£1,000
  • Adopting an adult dog can range from about £135 - £150 for adult dogs to £200 for puppies under 6 months
  • Total costs per year for a dog (food, pet insurance, vet bills, flea treatments, worming, grooming, kennels, toys and treats) can range on average from £1,100 - £1,400
home requirements

Am I able to provide a pet with a forever home?

  • Please think carefully about whether your lifestyle, travel schedule and daily routine will allow you to create a comfortable home for your pet.
time requirements

Do I have the time to look after a pet?

  • The time required depends on the pet, but all dog breeds will require a walk a minimum of once a day, with higher-energy dogs requiring at least twice a day.
time requirements

Am I willing to make adjustments to my home?

  • Install a pet door or cat flap
  • Create space for your pet's bedding or crate
  • Keep water and food dishes in a familiar place in the home
  • Make sure outdoor space is properly gated to keep your pet safe
  • Get into a daily routine with your pet and stick with it to ensure a smooth transition into their new home
time requirements

Do you know what pet supplies you will need to purchase for your pet?

Once you're sure you want to adopt, find local rescue centres near you and start the pet adoption process.

Pet adoption charities that we recommend to contact about rehoming:

  • Wood Green
  • Dogs Trust
  • National Animal Welfare Trust
  • Blue Cross
  • Margaret Green Animal Rescue
  • Cheltenham Animal Centre
  • Battersea Cats & Dogs Home
  • Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter
  • Freshfields Animal Rescue
  • North Clwyd Animal Rescue
  • Animal Rescue and Care
  • All Dogs Matter
  • Animal Rescue Charity Bishop’s Sortford Hertfordshire
  • Support Adoption for Pets
  • Celia Hammond Animal Trust
  • Scottish SPCA
  • Cats Protection
  • Cat Chat
  • The Mayhew