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A comparison of joint supplements for dogs

There are a massive variety of joint supplements for dogs on the market for dogs and cats. In general all are focused on maintaining joint health by utilising the ingredients that make up joint fluid and cartilage. Most also use ingredients that act as antioxidants to reduce damage caused by free radicals. Here are a selection of some of the joint supplements you can find on MedicAnimal:

RankJoint supplementsQuantityBenefitsPrice fromRating
1 Arthri aid120 capsulesStimulate the production of new cartilage
Synovial fluid leading to better joint mobility
Rebuild joint cartilage
2 C2 Collaplex Capsules60 capsulesLong term supplementation benefits older dogs and those with stiff joints
Chondroitin is a fundamental component of cartilage that provides shock-absorbing qualities
3 Cortaflex canine /feline1 literHelp movement & joint problems
Ease Joint Pain,
Restore Joint Mobility,
Reduce Stiffness
Repair and rebuild the cartilage from the day your pet starts taking it
Maintain healthy cartilage
4 Corta-Vet60 tabletsUseful for hardworking joints and those which have experienced excessive wear and tear
Beneficial for pure breeds with associated joint weaknesses
Keep joints healthy for life
5 Coseguin Double Strengh (DS)120 CapsulesSupporting joint function in dogs
Support the cartilage
Decreases the tensile strength of the fibres
6Easeflex120 chewsMaintain mobility in dogs
Help with stiff joints and maintaining mobility
Help support joint function
7 Fortiflex Advance Tablets30*225mgMaintenance of healthy joints in dogs
Keep cartilage as healthy as possible for animals suffering from osteoarthritis, hampers their movement and causing pain
For the prevention and restoration of joint breakdown
8 Hill's J/D Prescrition diet4 kgContains EPA that helps reduce joint pain in dogs with mobility issues
a special blend of glucosamine and chondroitin stimulates the production of cartilage
Formulated to combat destructive enzymes in joints
Clinically proven to improve your pet’s mobility within 21 days
Specifically designed for dogs who are prone to weight gain to be used as part of a calorie controlled diet.
9 Invigorate for Dogs80*250gMost effective in cases of low-grade chronic joint stiffness
Supplement to soothe stiff joints and maintain mobility.
£16.39No rating
10 Noractive Yumove60 tabletsEase the pain in their backs, elbows and hips and get them moving again.
Helps joints stay healthy with plenty of glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, omega-3 and manganese
11 Seraquin60x2grHelps the natural function of joints Can be given alongside prescription medicine
Takes four-six weeks to build up in your pet's system
It's tasty: 98% of dogs are happy to take it as a treat
Can be crushed up into food
Can form part of your dog's diet for the rest of their life.
12 Synoquin90 capsulesHelp stiff joints
Aid mobility
Support joint structure
Support and maintain cartilage within a joint
13 Vetzyme Flexible Joint90 tabletsMaintain supple and mobile joints.
Promote joint flexibility
Better quality of life as it enters it's later years.