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3 Steps to Correctly Administer Eye Drops to Your Cat

 Cat Eye Drops

Most cats do not like anything being put into their eyes, which can make administering eye drops a daunting and sometimes difficult task. Gently but firmly restraining your cat will minimise the stress you both experience and will help to avoid you being scratched or bitten. All eye medication for cats will come in either liquid drops or ointment form. In most cases liquid versions have to be given more frequently.

Step 1: Preparation

Read the instructions on your medication. It's very important to follow all the instructions given to you by your cat’s veterinarian or by the eye-drop manufacturer. Read the bottle itself as well as any literature included with the package for optimum results.
If discharge is present, the area should be cleansed with a sterile eyewash solution prior to applying the eye medication. Remove the cap from the bottle of medication and place it on a clean surface.

Step 2: Restraint

Wrap your cat in a blanket or towel so only her head is sticking out and place her hindquarters against something so she cannot back away from you, it may help to place the cat between your knees as you sit on the floor.

Step 3: Administering the eye drops

Use one hand to hold the head of your cat and the thumb of it to easily pull down the lower eyelid – it’s best to use the hand that you don’t write with – you’ll need your writing hand to administer the drops. Your hand should be placed underneath the jaw, so that your thumb is on one side of her face and your fingers on the other. By doing this you will have an eyelid pouch right under the cat's eye in which to place the eye drops. Put the tip of the applicator right next to that pouch but be careful not to touch the cat's eye. Squeeze the bottle of the applicator gently and quickly drop the prescribed number of drops into the pouch that you created.
After you give your cat the eye drops you will need to keep hold of her to allow the drops to dispense across the eyelid if you let go of her immediately after the application she might rub her eyes and the medication will be ineffective. It sometimes helps to offer a distraction, such as her meal, immediately after completing the procedure.

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Always seek advice from your veterinarian to confirm a diagnosis and to ensure you are using the most appropriate treatment for your cats eye condition.