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An introduction to worming

Worms are internal parasites and invisible to our eyes most of the time. The only time we have the chance to spot them is when your pet has a number two in the garden or out on a walk!

Worms fall into three main classification types which include roundworms (most common especially in puppies and include Toxocara canis), tapeworms (need the flea as a paratenic host to be transmitted to your pet) and hookworms (such as Ancylostoma caninum the lungworm which can be acutely fatal).

Clinical signs of worm infections can include loss of appetite, weight-loss despite eating, a pot-belly appearance, seeing rice or tape-like bits in the faeces as well as vomiting or diarrhoea.

Worming treatments are available in:

  • Oral treatments: Pastes, tablets or liquids which you can place on the food. Customers rely on Drontal and Panacur.
  • Spot on: Easy to apply as drops on the skin between the pet’s shoulder blades with top-selling brands including Droncit.

Generally speaking, both cats and dogs should be wormed every three months if using tablets and every 4-6 weeks if using spot on treatments.

If you have any doubt about which type of product would be best for your pet, please contact us by calling our customer service line 0203 675 0780. If it is a prescription product you are after, then please do consult your veterinarian first.