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When your pet is playing with you or their favourite toy, they’re not just having fun, they’re exercising, relieving stress and even learning to socialise. Such is the power of playtime! And while a selection of toys will keep your pet entertained, some options are better suited for those with extra energy. Let’s play!

For your hyper pup

KONG Extreme

You can’t go wrong with KONG toys – dogs of all ages and sizes love them. Like the Classic KONG, this can be filled with treats, but the stronger, black rubber of the Extreme model makes it extra tough and durable. It’s a versatile toy, too: use it to play fetch, as a long-lasting treat, or as part of your pup’s dental routine.

KONG SqueakAir Tennis Balls

This is no ordinary tennis ball. With its non-abrasive outside material and the squeaky toy it hides inside, our canine friends just go bananas. Enjoy many games of fetch knowing the ball will keep in one piece.

For your tireless kitty

Trixie Catnip Ball

The scent of this ball will totally tantalise your cat. We all know how much our feline friends like to chase a ball, but the catnip coating on this means they’ll also enjoy a pause to lick and rub on the ball. A fun thing for pet parents to watch and a real treat for your moggy.

San Fernando Scratching Post

This tower has everything to keep your cat busy: from a padded hanging basket to a scratching post, a suspended tunnel and a plush cave. Perfect for indoor felines to satisfy their instinct to climb and to keep their claws in good shape. Also a dream hideaway for just any cat!

Trixie Playing Rod with Mouse

Fishing-rod type toys are an all-time favourite and offer cat parents a chance to interact with their kitty. The plush mouse in this toy has catnip extract, so one minute your cat may be pouncing on it fiercely, the next she’ll be cuddling up with it for a nap.