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An introduction to ticks

Pets generally catch ticks whilst on walks or from other pets. The tick life cycle requires three to four nymph stages before becoming an adult and they require blood (from your pet or yourself!) in order to evolve from one nymphal stage to another. These nymph stages will climb to the top of plants/grasses waiting for an animal to walk by and latch onto. It is thought that changes in the concentration of carbon dioxide levels in the air can be the stimulus for them to be aware of your presence! Many products prevent/treat fleas and ticks combined in one treatment and can also include worm prevention depending on the classification of the medicine used.

  • Spot on: Applied as drops on the skin between the pet’s shoulder blades. They usually protect your pet for a period of 4-6 weeks and can be with or without prescription depending on the active ingredient. Most common non-prescription brands would be Frontline and Effipro.
  • Collar: Collars emit substances which protect your pet by preventing fleas to settle in its coat. They are very easy to handle and perfect for protection, as some protect your pet up to 8 weeks. Top-selling brands would include Scalibor.

If you see a tick on your pet, please do not use heat, salt or your fingernails to try and remove it! The most likely outcome is that the tick’s head remains embedded in your pet’s skin causing irritation and possible infection.

It is best to use a tick remover such as the Kokoba Tick Remover and remember to turn it anti-clockwise to remove the head and body as ticks burrow clockwise into your pet! Very easy and quick to use. We would recommend examining your animal daily especially in the spring months, particularly around the face/muzzle and chest area as these are the most common spots.

If you have any doubt about which type of product would be best for your pet, please contact us by ringing our customer service line 0203 675 0780. If it is a prescription product you are after, then please do consult your veterinarian first.