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Stress relief

Firework season is upon us! It is however a period when many pets may become stressed and anxious. Do not forget that loud noises, especially during the festive season can easily frighten pets.

To help your pet through this period, here are some useful tips:

  • Walk your dog earlier in the day before the fireworks start, try to tire him out
  • Keep dogs and cats inside during fireworks
  • Block cat flaps and close doors and windows to block out as much noise as possible
  • If your pet hides, let it do so and don’t disturb it
  • Don’t leave your pet home alone during fireworks, but if you do, don’t get angry with your pet upon an accident that happened out of fright
  • Stay calm yourself and act normal, this reassures your pet
  • Do not fuss over your pet if they are frightened, this only reinforces the unwanted behaviour.
  • Play calming music or leave the TV on low volume and do ‘normal’ things around the house such as cleaning, cooking or doing your favourite hobby. Basically, act normal around your pet.

At MedicAnimal we are able to offer a range of effective products that can be taken both internally, such as oral remedies, and externally, such as collars and sprays, to keep your pet as relaxed as possible throughout this period.

In addition, we offer you advice on how to detect a behavioural issue with your cat or dog, what you can do to find the cause and how to help your pet over the long term.

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