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How would you define charity?

Is charity the action of donating money to organisations that help others less fortunate?

Is it running a marathon for a good cause? Is it helping another being in need?

Is it looking, reading , learning about what goes on around us and therefore making an impact?

Is it showing that you care by sharing a smile with everyone around you?

We think it’s all of the above, and have created #Smiles4Pets as a result.

What is #Smiles4Pets

“There are only two ways to live your life. One as if all that matters is to have someone love and accept you. The other is as though loving and accepting another person is all that matters. Often, when you choose the second you get the first.”

Shannon L. Alder

This quote not only encapsulates our relationships in general, but the one with our pets in particular.

Loving them is all that matters, and as a result of providing them with the necessary care and love they deserve, they give us their unconditional love in return.

This perfectly balanced and, frankly, rather magical relationship is what stemmed the creation of #Smiles4Pets: a platform for us, pet owners and pet lovers, to share, discuss and understand our common love for pets.

To donate for our employee's incredible challenges for Cats Protection and Hearing Dogs, please click here.

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