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How to Manage Multi-pet Households

According to a survey we conducted recently, over 70% of you share your home with more than one pet, with 15% of you brave souls owning four or more furries! We’re impressed, and sympathetic – many of us here at HQ also have a house-full. Here’s some of our best advice for coping with your zoo and keeping all members healthy and happy.


Multiple Dogs

  • Particularly when it comes to introducing a new canine into the pack, it pays for all of your dogs to be obedience trained and know that when it comes to the hierarchy, ultimately you’re in charge.
  • Distribute belly-rubs, treats and pats equally between your dogs to avoid jealousy. (Of course, you know your pets best so some dogs may naturally prefer more attention or space).
  • The main ancestor of your dog is of course notorious pack-hunter, the wolf. Dogs will naturally establish their own hierarchy within the household, and allowing them to do so will help them to settle.
  • If your dogs tend to compete for food or hassle each other after they’ve wolfed down their own, it can help to feed them at different times or in different parts of the house.

Multiple cats

  • Provide plenty of water bowls for your cats. One per cat plus an extra is a good guideline.
  • Separate your cats during feeding if they tend to bother each other. This also gives nervous eaters a better chance to enjoy their food.
  • Cats are very territorial which can be challenging when you have limited space. Cat trees and shelves are ideal for creating more territory, and as natural predators, felines love a spot with a view.
  • A plug-in diffuser such as Feliway Multicat can help to calm your felines and decrease hostility between cats who don’t always get along.

Cats and dogs

Cats and dogs are famous foes, but as many of us know, they can actually get on a treat! We’re often sent snaps of customers pets who are cuddled up together. Keep relations peaceful by making sure both your animals have access to their own space, bed and food station.