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By Merry Popins 2017

Let's talk about bunnies...

These cuddly creatures aren't just for Easter

Rabbits possess a particular appeal around Easter time when their undeniable cuteness is enriched by adverts using their adorable appeal for maximum impact. They are also far cheaper than a canine or feline addition to the family and are often perceived as an easier route to appeasing a child who wants a warm, cuddly pet! This means the popularity of rabbits surges around this time of year, but adequate research before adopting a bunny is crucial to make sure they aren’t left forgotten, or eventually abandoned.

Here are our top tips to remember if you’re considering this small, furry addition to your family:

• Rabbits need plenty of space to run, hop, and keep active! Provide them with a great big run, and you’ll be rewarded by witnessing the oh-so-cheerful expression of rabbit joy - the ‘Binky’ (a sort of leap in the air with a twist!)
• Be aware of the most common health issues which affect rabbits, including dentals, gut stasis, fly strike and ear problems.
•With this in mind, remember that a rabbit can cost up to £10,000 over its lifetime, when you take insurance and health treatments into account. Many rabbit owners mistakenly think a bunny is a cheap option for a pet.
• Make sure to feed them a nutritious diet, consisting mainly of fibre, which is essential for their emotional and physical wellbeing. Whilst many pet owners feed their rabbits on muesli, the picky eaters often selectively feed and pick out high starch elements, ignoring their fibrous needs. Instead make sure your rabbit has plenty of hay, grass and nuggets to chomp on.

Remember, your local vet is a great port of call when you’re considering which pet might be right for you. If you’ve got the time, space and money to devote to a rabbit then they can make a very rewarding companion – but they’re a big commitment and should never be bought on impulse.

Happy Easter!

The MedicAnimal Team