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Being a responsible and caring pet owner can add up, from essential treatments and nutrition, to vet visits and arranging insurance. So, whether you like to save, prefer the premium choice, or are somewhere in the middle, our top tips on saving when it comes to pet wellbeing will hopefully help when it comes to your furry budget.

Depending on your lifestyle and your pet’s preferences, there are several big and small tweaks you can make to reduce costs or make better quality purchases. First, we’ll run through some simple and fast ways you can minimise outgoings. No inferior quality options or smaller portions, just clever ways to save money.


At-home pet parlour

The frequency that your pet will need grooming will depend on their breed and lifestyle, but the reality is that grooming services can add up, particularly if your pet needs regular maintenance. One way to diminish this cost is by taking on grooming duties yourself. It may be a small investment to buy the correct tools and equipment, but once you’re set, all you need is some patience and a relatively steady hand. From trimming their fur and clipping their nails, to giving their ears a thorough clean, this is one recurring cost you can completely skip.

Quality, not quantity

It’s no secret that pets love new toys, but choosing a product that will live beyond one play session will not only save you money, but it’s better for the planet, too. There are durable options available, designed to withstand enthusiastic woofers who love to tug and tear at their toys. On this note, if you have plenty of toys hanging around that your pet has little interest in, pass them on to a friend with a pet. What one dog doesn’t like, might be a new favourite for another.

Bring on the offers

We know this may seem more obvious than other tips, but browsing offers and keeping an eye on what’s on promotion is a smart way to save on a regular basis. We have a specific Special Offers page for dogs and cats, dedicated to deals and exclusive prices that are updated every month.

Friends love pets

With more of us now returning to work in physical offices and arranging holidays, dog walkers and pet sitters are starting to be more necessary. This solution might not be an option for all pet owners, but asking a friend to look in on your pet or take them for a walk when you’re at work or away might be something they’d happily assist with. Remember, this is only an option for shorter periods, and only if your dog is settled and comfortable when left alone between visits.


Forward planning

Often, when looking where costs can be reduced, there’s a temptation to cancel services we think we don’t need, since we’ve not needed them up to that point. Pet insurance might fall into this category for you, but we would strongly advise to consider the consequences before cancelling existing cover – and to consider arranging cover if you don’t have any in place. Making smaller but more regular payments to an insurance pot is a smart way to ensure your pet will get the help they need if they fall ill, develop a health condition or hurt themselves. These low and slow payments are preferable to a surprise vet bill, which can be very costly, very quickly.

Food and nutrition

Your pet’s health pivots off of many things, with their food, nutrition and diet a key contributor to their general wellbeing. Premium food can often cost more, but it’s worth investing in complete meals that support your pet’s essential functions, from joints and digestion, to metabolism and energy. Canine Choice and Feline Choice is a vet recipe made with meat, health-boosting extras and no grains. The highlight? The pricing is fair, making it affordable for most budgets, so you don’t have to compromise on quality.

Make it Repeat

We created Repeat Order to help busy pet owners, delivering your pet’s food, treats, treatments and hygiene essentials, as often as you need. Not only are there often savings to be made, with special promotions and prices on big brands and old classics, it’s also a helpful way to assist with budgeting, with a recurring payment and delivery date arranged so you know when your pet products are scheduled to arrive and how much they cost.

Vaccinations and parasite treatments

Staying on top of your pet’s essential vaccines is a great preventative exercise, helping them to stay healthy and keep them protected from disease and illness. This also applies to parasite treatments, with regular applications, all year, ensuring they don’t suffer any discomfort or experience a significant outbreak. These treatments help to prevent bigger issues and more expensive intervention in the future, so while they may add cost initially, they’re generally worth the expense.

Understanding what your pet needs is personal, as you will know their needs and requirements better than anyone else. Remember, our qualified Health Advisors are always here to help and support you, so whether you need a word about switching food, advice on reducing you pet’s treat intake or want to change their treatment routine, our advisors can guide and recommend whenever you need some pointers.