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Taking your dog for a walk and worried the rain will cause a cold? Looking for a jacket that might help their anxiety? On the lookout for a coat that will keep the chill out? Whatever your dog prefers, and whichever personality type they are, we have a practical suggestion. Let the coat quest begin…

Ideal for… everyday walks

Once you’ve got all the gear for evening walks, from a failsafe harness to a sturdy lead, you should consider a stylish but weatherproof coat for your dog. We’re particularly keen on this waterproof offering from Weatherbeeta – top marks for sustainability, too – complete with a wrap around freedom front and an effortless touch tape closure. Just perfect for dogs that don’t like to hang around too long while you’re putting their coat on.

Maybe your dog isn’t taken with a full coat, and if this is the case, look no further than a soft fleece. Not only will this warming layer keep the cold out without the bulk, it will also add cosy factor and look streamlined.

Ideal for…keeping the cold out

Something warm and practical is the way forward if your dog feels the chill. Look to reversible options that have a softer inner and a more robust outer – think a waxed layer – for the best of both worlds. A scarf is also a good option if your pooch gets cold ears. Make sure you’re fully equipped so you and your furry friend can take advantage of all the best walks near you. Are your winter walkies more likely to take place in the dark? A reflective coat (and scarf) will keep you safe and seen when visibility is low, and it might also be worth buying a light for their collar.

Ideal for…dogs who suffer with anxiety

Targeted anxiety jackets are ideal to support dogs who need assistance with anxiety, offering a calming and reassuring effect that will help them take on stressful situations. If your pooch is nervous when they’re left home alone or easily unsettled during certain events, like fireworks or thunderstorms, a coat like the Thundershirt might be a great help. By applying gentle pressure, it has a proven calming effect that can offer real reassurance, offering a sensation similar to a weighted blanket or being swaddled. Don’t forget pheromones and supplements are also a great option for dogs who need an extra helping hand.

Ideal for… hot dogs

You may immediately think of winter when it comes to dog coats, and they are certainly more common, but cooling coats are a good option if your dog struggles with higher temperatures. They come in especially handy during warmer months when summer activities are planned. They’re a great addition to your collection, but do be sure to provide other essentials, we’re thinking water bowls and bottles, even beds that help regulate and control your dog’s temperature. When you use these products together, your dog can beat the heat and take on those outdoor games without any hassle or fuss.