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From curbing loneliness, improving mental health and offering unconditional love, pets make life a lot more meaningful, a little more fun and provide plenty of hilarious anecdotes along the way. Here we’ll take a look at some reasons why pets improve lives, and to prove the point, we talk with Hayley, one of our qualified advisors, about her gorgeous moggy, Ollie.

Whether you have a diamond-in-the-rough rescue dog or a crafty (but cute) cat, caring for pets calls for dedication, patience and a good routine. Whilst busy making sure we do good by our furry friend, we in turn benefit from these daily duties, adding structure and purpose to all days, good and bad. From a brisk walk in the fresh air when you usually wouldn’t be bothered, to getting up each morning to keep them fed and watered, these tasks will create a lasting bond and result in unmatched love and affection.

As well as major feel-good factor and a good excuse to explore local parks, caring for animals is a rewarding journey. Creating mini families and nurturing our basic instinct to care, pets in turn give us as all of their trust, attention and make life that little bit softer around the edges.

Nothing showcases the true value of owning a pet more than asking a pet owner how their own four-legged friend has enhanced their life, and so we’ve asked one of our team to tell us a little bit about their pet BFF.

Pet Parent Spotlight: Hayley and Ollie

Hayley Peters is our in-house animal aficionado, working in our customer service team as a dedicated product expert and a qualified R-SQP (Animal Medicines Advisor), she’s also pet parent to 12 year old moggy, Ollie. A gorgeous tabby, Ollie is part Bengal and has been with Hayley since he was a kitten. Born as the runt of the litter, Hayley picked him because he was the shyest of them all, suffice to say he’s grown to be quite the furry, now weighing in at 6.5kg.

Hayley tells us ‘I’ve owned cats since I was a child, and will always be the cat lady’ and stresses that having Ollie is a great companion, discussing the impact he’s had on her, she tells us ‘I love that feeling of unconditional love that pets have for their owner. He’s great for my wellbeing, especially during these times of being at home so much. We care for each other. I get lots of pleasure, love and affection from him, and he in turn gets to do what he pleases, with on-demand attention and treats, of course’.

Ollie’s cheat sheet

- Loud and proud, this puss is very vocal and likes to have his voice heard

- Joining company video calls is high on his list of priorities, and he’s not shy about contributing ideas

- His way or the high way, Ollie has a ‘do not disturb’ look when he’s not keen on a cuddle

- But 99% of the time, he’s a cuddle fiend and very affectionate

- Nothing comes between Hayley and Ollie, he reserves a spot right next to her at all times

- His kitty cuisine of choice? Feline Choice Mature, naturally

- Ollie’s magic trick? He’s learnt to tap his paw gently on Hayley’s face every morning when he’s ready for his breakfast

We'd love to hear your personal pet stories and how your furries have enriched your life. Plus, alongside being a doting purrent to Ollie, Hayley is always happy to help with any personal recommendations or product advice, so don't hesitate to get in touch to speak to her or another member of our qualified team for a chat about what your pet needs.