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International Cat Day: 8 ways to celebrate

Cats are fascinating creatures whose funny ways bring so much joy to us. And although not a day goes by when we aren’t grateful for their existence, the 8th of August is just the perfect day to give them extra love and attention.

Eight ways to celebrate

1. What better way to give back to the feline community than to volunteer at a local cat shelter or donate to a cat charity? Money is always welcome, but your time (and your cat’s old toys and blankets) will make some fellow felines very happy.

2. Cats spend two-thirds of their day sleeping, so why not save some time aside to curl up on the couch and enjoy a nap with your best friend? Forget meditation: this is our therapy!

3. Spoil your furry friend with some new treats and hide them around the house. They’ll love this! A couple of water containers in unexpected places will also take them by surprise (plus, hydration).

4. There are so many great films to watch that include iconic cat moments. Classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) always warm our hearts, just like the beautifully animated The AristoCats (1970). There are also quirky stories, such as Moonrise Kingdom (2012), or excellent documentaries like ITV’s Secret Life of Cats (2014). Let your cat pick (it’s their special day, after all).

5. Remember what we said about sleep? If your cat’s bed is a little worn out, then treating them to a new one (ours spend hours relaxing on this particular one) will be the ultimate quality-of-life upgrade.

6. One word: catnip!

7. Have lots of cute pictures on your phone? (that was more of a rhetorical question). Then we suggest creating a photo album entirely dedicated to your fur baby. A physical one, that is. You’ll love giving those special memories a place to live. Top tip: Handwritten captions, stickers – and even your cat’s paw prints – will add a little extra magic.

8. If you haven’t got around to it yet, make sure your cat is microchipped. This is such a must. And if your pet is an outdoor cat, you could invest in a microchip cat flap to ensure only they have access to your home. Safety comes first!

We know every friendship is unique and special. So, at the end of the day, if all your cat needs to be happy is a bit of yarn and some fresh fish, then you do you. However you decide to celebrate, we hope the day is just purrfect.