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Now that spring has well and truly spring, and summer isn’t far behind, now is a great time to spend quality time with your pets. From essentials or something more fun, we have all you need for fun in the sun with your four-legged favourite.

Hydration station

As soon as the sun makes an appearance and you're outdoors more frequently, hydration should be a priority for your pet. Whether you’re out and about or staying cooler indoors, your pet should always have a bowl of clean drinking water available.

Did someone say picnic?

Is it even spring or summer without the obligatory picnic? Make sure your pooch is part of the fun with some treats and toys to keep them entertained. From alcohol-free beer for woofers to a bubble gun that everyone will enjoy, drink in every second of that sunshine with some playful fun and games.

Cool down

We all love a heatwave, especially as it’s such a rarity in good old Blighty) but our pets might not be quite as fond. We’ve got specialist accessories and mats designed to keep them comfortable when the mercury is rising.

The smell of summer

Ah summer, the heat can bring out the most beautiful of scents…and the worst. If you pooch brings home a waft of something unpleasant, we can help. Take on pesky scents with scented litter and fragrant poo bags. We also have a variety of shampoos, conditioners and even wipes for mucky pups and scatty cats.

Shape up

When the sun comes out, the best place to be with your pet is obvious – outside. Perfect the game of fetch with our wide range of toys, whether you’re looking for a football, frisbee or tennis ball. For cats, there’s circuits designed to stimulate, entertain and knacker them out in the process. Less frequent midnight zoomies? We’re onboard.

On the road

If you’re headed to the park, a dog friendly beach or off on your holidays – meaning a long car journey – getting from A to B is easier when you have all of the necessary travel essentials to hand, from a harness that you can clip in, a travel water bowl and even sunscreen for pets.

Fleas and ticks, sorted

Parasites are a pain – both literally and metaphorically. Discover a host of helpful treatments and solutions to help banish them, including spot on and specialist flea combs. There are also sprays designed to rid your home of the pesky critters, just be sure not to use these strong products on your pet.

If you’re occupied…

Who wouldn’t want to spend a lazy day with their pet? When schedules get in the way and you can’t dedicate your day to your furry pal, pick the second best option: toys. Our collection of toys will help keep them entertained and stimulated, even if they’re not quite as good as the real thing.