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How to prevent fleas in your home

We all know that spot-on treatments given every 4-6 weeks are the best way to get rid of fleas on your pet, but how about the fleas in your home? When an astonishing 95% of the fleas in an infestation are in your home rather than actually on your pet, knowing how to fight these crafty creepers is a huge part of the battle.

1. Spray

Use a flea defence spray to kill fleas, eggs and larvae on your carpets and upholstery, paying particular attention to anywhere where your pet sits or sleeps.

2. Hoover

Vacuum at least once a week, but more often if you have noticed any fleas on your pet or in your home. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies.

3. Wash

Wash your pet’s bedding and any cushions or covers where they sleep on a hot cycle to kill any creepy crawlies who could have made a home there.

4. Brush

If your pet has access to the outdoors, run a flea comb or brush through their fur before they enter the house to get rid of any adult fleas they could have picked up.