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An introduction to fleas

Cats and dogs can get fleas outside on walks and in the garden, throughout the whole year, no matter if you live in town or in the countryside. Do not forget that your house is centrally heated so fleas are warm all year round! Many products treat fleas and ticks with one treatment and there are several ways to prevent fleas effectively:

  • Spot on: Applied as drops on the skin between the pet’s shoulder blades. They usually protect your pet for a period of 4-6 weeks and can be with or without prescription depending on the active ingredient. Most common non-prescription brands would be Frontline and Advantage.
  • Collar: Collars are relatively new to the prevention scene but are certainly as effective as traditional tablets and spot ons. They are very easy to apply to your pet and can protect for a period of up to 8 weeks.
  • Oral prevention: You can prevent fleas internally with certain tablets or suspensions which you can place on the food. Customers rely on Program.

If you have already spotted fleas on your pet, immediate treatment of both your pet and your home is paramount. Do not forget that over 95% of fleas live within the home rather than on your pet! It is therefore key to have a product on your pet that kills adult fleas whilst using a household spray to kill the larvae prior to becoming pupae and to kill the adults as they emerge from their pupae-cocooned stage. Do not forget that nothing kills pupae, they can live for a period of 10 years in your home and the only way to reduce them is to kill the larvae before or the adult afterwards.

For the household, we have a variety of efficient Flea Sprays, such as Indorex.

If you have any doubt about which type of product would be best for your pet, please contact us by calling our customer service line 0203 675 0780. If it is a prescription product you are after, then please do consult your veterinarian first.