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Choosing a Bed for your Dog

Sleep is as important for us as it is for our pets. Our dogs have different preferences when it comes to grabbing 40 winks. Due to this, it is important to have a bed or several beds that can accommodate their individual sleeping style.

Before that, though, you’ll need to work out the correct size. Try measuring your dog from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, and their height from the paws to the tip of the ears. Then, add on 20cm (8”). Keep those measurements to hand and your dog will be overjoyed with their new sleeping space.

Use the below guide to try and figure out where your dog fits in, and browse our fantastic range to fulfil the sleeping needs of your special pooch.

Adventurous dogs

Some dogs are more adventurous than others, opting to visit muddy puddles. If this sounds like your dog, it would be a good idea to consider a dog bed with a waterproof nylon cover like the Danish Design County Duvet or one that can be machine washed like the Kokoba Dog Cushion. Otherwise you might end up throwing countless beds away.

Dogs that chew

If your dog tends to chew when you leave the house, try the Kokoba Plastic Bed. The bed can be filled with blankets for extra comfort. Plastic beds have high sides so can also provide a comfortable head rest for your sleeping pooch.

Dogs that feel the cold

A bed with high sides like the Danish Design Slumber Beds are the best option for such hounds. High sided beds keep out draughts and also allow your pet to curl up in a ball - snug as a bug in rug!

Older dogs

Older dogs typically require heavily padded beds or orthopaedic beds that are filled with memory foam to support their joints. The Kokoba Memory Foam Bed offers that extra support and really takes the weight off of tired joints.

Dogs that walk in circles before settling

A donut bed would be a good option for these fidgeting dogs. The donut offers a mattress style with the added security of a raised edge.

Dogs That Stretch Out

A mattress style bed or a square snuggle bed would suit this type of dog. The mattress needs to be well padded, as to prevent your dog from sinking to the floor and misaligning their spine. The Danish Design Box Duvets are just the ticket!

Dogs that sleep everywhere and anywhere 

A mat or a thick blanket is the best option for dogs that are allowed to sleep on the sofa or if they sleep in a different place at night. Mats such as the Kokoba Dog Cushion have a great level of padding, are lightweight and can be moved around easily. Choose a waterproof mat like the Danish Design Boot Bed if you would take it with you when travelling in the car.


Final points to consider

Machine washable covers

Removable, machine washable covers are a great way to ensure your dog’s bed will last. If the whole dog bed is washed, often it can separate the filling and take away some of that essential padding. Washing the cover is an easy way to keep the bed clean and comfortable

A suitable material

If your dog is a breed that tends to moult a lot, for example a husky or golden retriever, you should avoid a cotton or polyester cover as hair naturally clings to those materials. If your favourite design is only available with a cotton cover, be prepared to clean the bed very frequently!