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If you think it’s plain daft to buy your dog anything for Christmas, hear us out. When it comes to pets, we believe the best things in life are free. Walks, cuddles, security, devotion – all of that stuff means the most.

However, here are some lighthearted arguments in favour of presenting your slobbery, waggy friend an attentively wrapped gift this year.

1. Do it for the humour

There is something undeniably funny about getting your dog an advent calendar, so that they can enjoy this December tradition with you. We’re not sure exactly what it is… maybe the fact that your dog (unless they’re really dextrous and in which case we’d love to see) can’t open the doors himself. It’s also somehow incredibly cute, and if there’s one thing we’re 100% sure of, it’s that your dog will love the daily treats.

We’ve heard rumours (mostly from Pinterest) that some superhumans actually make their own doggie advent calendar, but surely no one really has that much time on their hands?

2. Do it for the likes

Delight your friends and family by sharing a snap of your pup on Christmas morning with their brand new cuddly toy or cosy new bed. Or alternatively, keep the pic to yourself – a great way to remember Christmases gone by with a smile!

3. Do it for the wags

One of the many things we love about dogs is that they’re all about the simple pleasures, and have the most heartwarming levels of enthusiasm for the smallest things. Give a dog a tennis ball and they will react like a child who has just been given the new bike of their dreams. Pure. Joy. (What did we do to deserve dogs?).

4. Do it for the new year

When January rolls around, just like every year, we’ll all be feeling the effects of a few too many mince pies and will be wanting to get ourselves back to peak health. Arguably, the best thing money can buy for your pet will protect their wellbeing – we’re talking parasite protection, dental hygiene, and exercise aids. Granted, your pet might not see the immediate benefit of this as much as a mountain of treats, but you’ll know you’ve been the best pet parent you can be this year. Which is a great Christmas present to yourself, when you think about it!