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They scratch up your furniture, leave hair everywhere and knock item after item off your shelves. But then they do that thing when they’re sleeping (you know, when they cover their little face with their paws?) and poof! It’s all forgotten.

Cats brighten up our world in so many ways, we think they deserve their bit of Christmas joy. So whether naughty or nice (we’re guessing slightly naughty), here are some thoughtful gift ideas for your feline friends.

The countdown to the big day

Advent calendars are the purrfect special treat. Yes, your cat doesn’t know what Christmas is and yes, they’ll be unimpressed by the beautiful colours and hand-drawn designs – but this we’re sure of: they’ll love the treats behind each door. With tasty ingredients like chicken, yoghurt or catnip, we can’t think of a better way to give your cat a taste of Christmas. 

How many sleeps until Christmas?

Christmas is all about embracing the little moments the season brings. And when you’re at home and it’s cold outside (and of course, when you’re a cat), you just simply love to nap. So if you would like to give your moggie the biggest comfort there is, look no further than a good-quality bed. We have cuddly cat caves, cosy teepees and even radiator beds. Essentially, every kitty’s dream. So soft and dreamy are these beds, you’ll wish they came in human size (sorry, they don’t).

High-tech is not just for people

Of course, cats don’t care about the latest PlayStation or iPhone, but here’s a piece of technology they’ll want to tell all their cat friends about: the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap. Like giving a teenager the keys to their own car, a microchip cat flap is a door (quite literally) to the outside world. And what’s special about it is it reads your cat’s microchip to let them in and out (preventing other animals from entering your home).

Want to go even more high-tech? This other model, while pricier, includes a hub and app that you can link up to your phone, letting you set permissions for different cats and receive notifications when they leave or return.

Toys, toys, toys

Christmas and new toys go hand in hand. And with so many options available, you can satisfy your cat’s urge to chase, hunt and play in surprisingly fun ways. From the classic fishing-rod type toys to more creative options like treat dispensers or catnip gifts, toys help cats stay active and mentally stimulated. Did we mention we have festive toys too? They’re beautiful, long-lasting and non-toxic. Much better than an empty cardboard box (okay, one or two cats out there may disagree).