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Selecting a Litter Tray


Litter trays come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing your favourite is part of the fun, but before that, you need to find out what size your cat needs in order to feel comfortable in their tray. Measure your cat from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail, add half of that measurement and voila, you have the perfect litter tray size for your ball of fur!

Match your cat to one of the categories below and browse the trays we have on offer here at MedicAnimal.

Several cats

In a multi cat household, an open litter tray like The Kokoba Litter Tray or Trixie Primo XL Cat Litter Tray would be a good option. When selecting a location of this type of tray, try to avoid putting it in a place where the 'user' can be cornered by the other cats.

Litter scatter-ers

Cats instinctively want to bury their litter box deposits. If your cat is guilty of such, you know what mess can often ensue. A convenient option is the Kokoba High Sided Litter Tray. Using a high-sided option combines all the benefits of a closed box but remains open to the room.

Litter tread-ers

If litter follows your cat around the home on those tiny paws, a litter tray such as the Trixie Delio Cat Litter Tray with a perforated step is a brilliant solution. The step acts as a ‘paw cleaner’, collecting loose litter as your cat steps out of the tray. Clean and convenient!

Shy and reserved cats

A hooded litter box like the Kokoba or Trixie Hooded Litter box is a great option for felines that like their privacy. It offers a completely enclosed space with one entry point at the front.  A top entry box is also available. These nifty boxes give your cat privacy, and they can still pop their head out of the top to keep an eye on their surroundings.


A few final things to consider…


Keeping the tray clean

Cats are clean animals and sometimes their habits (scattering the litter, being unsettled in the litter tray) are because the cleanliness of the tray bothers them, not the style. Fussy cats can be reassured with the Trixie Berto Cat Litter Tray. This nifty tray allows you to unclip the top, discard the soiled litter and sieve through the fresh litter.

The cat litter does matter

If you’ve done everything right and can’t see why your cat isn’t happy with their litter tray, you could try changing the litter. Be sure to keep some of the old litter in there – your cat needs to recognise that the tray is still a safe place!

A quiet location

Location is everything, right? Maybe not, but is should be considered. A litter tray is best placed in a quiet area of the home. Think of it as a place that your cat can retreat to and relax, with a low possibility that they will be disturbed.