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From furry cuddles and waggy tails to wet noses and gentle purrs, we’re convinced that pets are the key to a happy, fulfilled life. As we settle into a long January, let’s focus on the positives and take a moment to appreciate just how much we owe our four-legged friends.

In the fold

Here at MedicAnimal, pets are genuinely part of the family, playing a pivotal role in our lives. In research conducted by MedicAnimal, we were reassured that (mostly) everyone else feels the same, with 98% of dog owners, and 96% cat owners, agreeing that their pet was a member of the family. They have their own spot on the sofa and they have their own personal bowl, and so in our books, that means they’re well and truly part of the fold.

Pet pals

Dogs have always been a good excuse to get out of the house, get some gentle exercise and partake in pleasant chitchat with people who admire our adorable companions. If we needed further proof, 84% of dog owners agree that having a dog has helped them have more positive relationships with other people. We know this extends beyond people in the local park, they also teach us be more patient with our loved ones, and create a lasting bond with others who love the furball as much as we do. On this note, it comes as no surprise that pets are also good for our general wellbeing, inside and out, with 73% of people in the survey strongly believing their dog was good for their mental health. We can confirm that after a long day, nothing beats an excitable dog that can’t believe his luck that we’re home for the evening.

Fur support

Over the last year, particularly during periods of isolation and times of uncertainty, our pets have been uplifting and reassuring, offering grounding support and teaching us to appreciate the small moments we often overlook. Around 62% of people in the research viewed their dog as a source of emotional support, with their playful nature giving people a welcome break from the anxieties of real life. Similarly, 78% of people believed their cat intuitively understood how they were feeling, and that kitty-human bond really can’t be beaten.

Part of the pack

As much as our pets offer companionship, did you know they also encourage us to be more social? Around 64% of people felt more confident meeting new people if their dog was present, likely because they offer a great topic of conversation, from their name and breed to their quirky personality traits. While the opportunity to socialise is less of a likelihood for cat owners, they’re still a great influence, with 86% of people believing that owning a cat had made them a happier person.

In conclusion, even though the weather is a little gloomy, and the month is dragging on, our fur family are just the tonic we need. So this blue Monday, if you need a pick-me-up, give your pet a quick cuddle and remind yourself just how fortunate you are to have such a loyal friend.