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Dog Tip Exercise your dog daily. Two short walks per day is better than one 3-hour walk over a weekend
Cat Tip Make sure your cat(s) has its own personal space within your home
Dog & Cat Tip Stroke and feel your pet daily to recognise what is normal. See your vet straight away if you spot or feel anything abnormal.
Dog & Cat Tip Please worm your cat and dog regularly. Toxocara canis is a nasty worm that children can catch from eating infective worm eggs.
Dog Tip Do not give your dog human chocolate as it is toxic, buy dog-friendly chocolate, there are many types available! Cat Tip If you are sending Christmas flowers to someone who has a cat, DO NOT INCLUDE LILLIES!
Dog Tip Do not give bones to your dog, either cooked or raw for risk of splintering, or gut obstruction.
Cat Tip Keep tinsel/ribbon away from cats as they can ingest them which may twist their intestine.
Dog & Cat Tip Do not overload your electrical plugs over Christmas, approximately 60,000 people have lost their family pet in house fires.
Big Festive Food No No's
Raisins (mince pies, christmas cake), onions, grapes, macademia nuts, chocolate, avocado and alcohol.
Cat Tip
Avoid giving raw meat or table scraps to your cat, a bit of cooked fish or chicken is fine though!
Cat & Dog Tip
We may like kissing under the mistletoe but if eaten by your pet can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, breathing issues and even possible hallucinations and death.
Dog & Cat tip If you suspect poisoning in your pet, keep calm, remove any poisonous material from their reach but keep a sample (for your vet), do not make them vomit and take them to your vet straightaway.
Dog & Cat tip Now that winter is upon us, please keep anti-freeze for your car locked up and away from your pet, as it contains ethylene glycol which can cause acute kidney failure.
Dog & Cat tip Provide a quiet safe area for your pet to escape to if it gets too noisy in the household at Christmas time.
Dog & Cat tip Clean up fallen pine needles as they can become stuck in your pet's pad which is very painful and can become very tricky to remove surgically.
Dog tip When walking your dog in the winter months, check their paws for any grit that may be embedded and do not let them eat snow as it can contain various chemicals and/or foreign objects.
Dog & Cat tip Do not add any kind of tree fertiliser to the water and make sure the stagnant water is kept covered so that your pet cannot drink it. Both can cause vomiting and diarrhoea
Dog & Cat tip Do not buy a pet for someone at Christmas! It is far too noisy and hectic for the introduction of a new furry four-legged friend. They need time, love and patience to settle in properly and Christmas is a bad time.
Dog tip Start early with Christmas preparations so that your dog has sufficient time to sniff everything new out and make sure their 'safe' area is still there should they need it
Dog tip If you are wishing to buy a christmas present for your dog, consider a puzzle toy. Your dog will need to move the pieces around with their nose and/or paws to get to the healthy treats hidden underneath. Hours of fun!
Dog tip Christmas normally means lots of toys needing batteries, make sure your dog does not eat or chew them as this can cause heavy metal poisoning, chemical burns in the mouth and even possible gut obstruction.
Cat tip In cold weather, please be sure to check under your car bonnet, it has been known for the family cat to hide in there to keep warm.
Dog tip Fireworks, lock them up! An average of 10 dogs a year are reported to The Veterinary Poisons Information Service between October and January for actually eating fireworks.
Dog tip Signs of stress in a dog would include inappropraite toiletting, becoming more vocal or hiding away, excessive licking of paws/flank or basically any odd/unusual behaviour not normally seen.
Dog & Cat tip Do not buy a cat or a dog for someone at Christmas! It is far too noisy and hectic for the introduction of a new furry four-legged friend. They need time, love and patience to settle in properly.
Dog tip Artificial sweeteners such as Xylitol (found in sugar free gum and diet foods) can be very dangerous to your dog in even very small amounts. It can cause acute liver damage as well as blood clotting problems.