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Worlds Best Cat Litter Extra Strength

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Worlds Best cat litter extra strength is a dust-free, odour-eliminating, clumping litter made from whole corn kernels. How it works  This 100% natural cat litter is designed to effectively...  Read more

Worlds Best Cat Litter Extra Strength

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Product details

Worlds Best cat litter extra strength is a dust-free, odour-eliminating, clumping litter made from whole corn kernels.

How it works 

This 100% natural cat litter is designed to effectively absorb moisture and clump together into small, water-soluble bundles. The little clumps can be easily scooped up and flushed down the toilet without causing blockages in your drainage system. 

This litter's super effective absorption means that bad odours are almost completely eliminated, helping to keep your cat's tray smelling fresh. The litter is also extremely soft and feels gentle against your cat's paws, while the fine grains still encourage your cat's natural urge to scratch and dig. Made from whole corn kernels, this litter is dust-free – ideal for allergy prone moggies. 

Key benefits

  • 100% biodegradable 
  • made with no chemical additives
  • highly absorbent
  • clumps up when moist
  • odour neutral
  • suitable for cats with allergies

When to use it

Kittens should be house trained to use a litter box from a very young age, so that they've got somewhere to do their business when they can't get outside. Cats are private creatures, so be sure to place their litter tray in a quiet, familiar spot to discourage accidents. To use this litter, simply fill your cat's clean litter box up to five centimetres deep and encourage your cat to use it with positive reinforcement. 

Clumps and other solid waste should be removed daily to keep your cat's bathroom area clean and usable. The clumps can be easily flushed down the toilet, as the litter is 100% biodegradable. This litter should be used alone and not mixed with other brands for the best results. 

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 44  Reviews

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  • Love this product
    Good value lasts ages because of the way it clumps and u only remove the clumps
    Christine - August 14, 2018
  • Just your average cardboard based clumping litter unless combined...
    There is limited odour control but will admit the texture of the litter means your Cats urine is absorbed throughout and past a month if you can handle to pungent odour of Ammonia mixed with sodden Cardboard. The Litter Clumps in the place where the Cat is Urinating straight away, creating a ball of sodden litter, requiring a nightly sift to break up of the clump otherwise the litter would not last more then a week or two. There is no Odour Control at all but if you use this Litter with a crap litter, such as "COLOR" or "Kokoba" or another cheap Silicon-based litter which keeps the tray smelling nice but does not really do it's job as litter, You won't need to change for just over month - this is assuming you filter out the poop and break up the Urine Clumps every night with a sprinkle of litter freshener. I use a combination of this Litter, CATSAN non-Clumping and 2cups Scent-based Litter every week. This combination is by far the best/efficient Litter in my 30 years owning a cat.
    Collette White - June 18, 2018
  • meets expectations
    clumps well, seems to limit odour. Good value for money
    Dominique Hichens - February 1, 2018
  • Brilliant
    The service plus the excellent delivery service is brilliant. I have never had occasion to grumble. I have ordered via the phone, and also used the site service when trying to find a product - that too is excellent . Thank you to all the Staff concerned.
    Dawn - March 5, 2017
  • I really love this litter, because it clumps well and is flushable it is so economical and hygienic. A brilliant product at a great price!
    susan fergusson - January 22, 2015