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Understanding prescriptions and how repeats work

Some medicines are only available with a valid written prescription. This is to ensure that the decision to use the drug has been made by a person qualified to assess the pet’s condition (your vet), and that directions will be given for the correct use of the drug at the correct intervals. It also ensures that the drug will not be used for longer than necessary. Writing a prescription means that your vet passes on all this information to the vets and pharmacists at MedicAnimal and that the drugs will be labelled with the correct dosage instructions, storage instructions and any warnings for you to follow.

If your vet specifies that your prescription may be repeated, or you only order a portion of the total quantity of drugs allowed by the prescription (e.g. you order 28 Fortekor tablets, but the prescription is made out for 56) then you may use the prescription more than once, but only under these circumstances. 

It must be clearly stated that the prescription “May be repeated …. times”. The number of repeats issued is entirely at the discretion of the vet issuing the prescription.

      If the prescription says 1 repeat this means you can use it for the initial order and that it may be repeated once (2 orders in total).

      If the prescription says 2 repeats then you can use it three times in total.

Once a prescription with repeats is received we will log it on our internal database against your order. It is important to note that the prescription cannot be logged until we receive your order. Therefore, it is advisable to place your order before sending us your prescription, and to mark the prescription with the order number before sending it in. Each time you place an order our vets will check that you still have repeats available and that the prescription has not passed its validity date. Be aware that you may still receive a prescription required email that is automatically generated, if you think you have repeats available you can ignore this, but you should check that you receive another email within 12 hours confirming that we have the prescription on file and informing you of the number of repeats you have left. If you don’t receive this email, then you should contact us as your prescription may have expired or run out of repeats.

You can purchase amounts smaller than the full quantity of medication on the prescription at any time if you wish, providing you purchase everything within the validity period of the prescription and the product is sold in smaller quantities. We will email each time you order to let you know how many tablets, or packs of medication you have left to purchase. Please note that many medicines are not sold by individual tablets, only as full packs. Please note that you can only buy UP TO the number of tablets on your prescription – it is illegal for any vet or pharmacist to supply you with more than the amount specified.

A check up with the vet every three months is standard practice for an animal on medication or undergoing treatment to:

      Ensure the drug you are giving is still appropriate

      Check the dose rate doesn’t need changing

      Check that there are no additional treatments that have become necessary in the meantime

      Allow the vet to perform any monitoring tests, such as blood tests, that they feel may be needed.

Your vet has a duty of care to your pet, and whilst he cannot refuse to give a prescription when one has been requested, he is quite within his rights, and is in fact acting in the best interests of the pet, if he insists on seeing the animal first.