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Trixie Car Dog Seat
Trixie Car Dog Seat

Trixie Car Dog Seat

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As much fun as adventures with your dog can be, remember that they are reliant on you for their safety. Keep your dog safe on their next car journey with this Trixie car seat for dogs. How...  Read more

Trixie Car Dog Seat

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Product details

As much fun as adventures with your dog can be, remember that they are reliant on you for their safety. Keep your dog safe on their next car journey with this Trixie car seat for dogs.

How it works

The Trixie car seat for dogs simplifies car journeys, creating a reassuringly safe and padded space inside your car for your dog to travel in securely, with an optional netted roof flap to keep them comfortably contained. The bed is compatible with dog safety belts (sold separately) and includes a short leash, which attaches to your dog's collar or harness to stop them from jumping out. Not only is your dog protected if you need to brake suddenly, but a car seat will also help to protect your car interior from claw marks, loose hair and damp paws.

Key features

  • stable, comfortable plush shape with net roof
  • can help prevent injury to your dog in an accident
  • protects car interior and upholstery
  • compatible with dog security belts
  • includes a short lead to keep your dog securely in the seat

When to use it

Moisture, ripped fabric and even the natural oils in your dog's hair can contribute to the breakdown of your car upholstery, and while a blanket on your seat can help to reduce this, dogs need to be properly secured when the vehicle is moving. From watery beach days to river walks or trips to the park, this Trixie car seat is ideal for owners' peace of mind. 

If your dog suffers from motion sickness, it may be stress related. You can speak to your vet about gentle ways to recondition animals

Dimensions: 45 × 38 × 37 cm.

Additional Information


Put the top (car seat) and base (platform) next to each other.

Travel bed: First close the three side panels of the top with the zippers with the imitation fur sides facing the inside of the travel bed. Then put the pillow inside and close the net if needed. The travel bed gains more stability if it is placed in the base of the car seat.

Car seat: Put up the inner partition of the base and secure it with the lateral Velcro fastenings (please ensure of a secure connection, since the partition holds up the car seat). Place the assembled travel bed on the platform, so that both parts can be joined by the zipper.

Attachment: Put the dog car seat on the front passenger seat or the separable back seat with the integrated safety net facing to the front. Place the upper belt over the headrest. Place the other belt around the seat. Now adjust the belts to an optimal length so that the car seat cannot shift during the journey. Deactivate the air bag if you are using the harness on the front passenger seat. Ideally your dog should travel on the rear bench seat, however


Customer reviews

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  • Purfect
    Arrived today, easy to assemble and sturdy enough for our 2.5kg Maltipoo. No leash with it but not a problem as we have one to use.
    Zoe - November 12, 2020
  • dog car seat
    fab little car seat that keeps pooch safe, he loves to travel in it. Doubles as a holiday dog bed and has a great little storage case underneath for water, bowls toys etc. The only negative is the lead which attaches to the collar is far too short to let my dog get comfy so I bought a seperate seatbelt lead for £3 which sorted out the problem. Would def buy another one
    keri - August 31, 2018
  • Trixie Car Seat
    Car seat is a very good way for a small dog to travel safely in the car. However, it would be better if the lead with clip to attach to the dogs collar was in the middle of the seat at the back instead of the left hand side. I have lengthened mine by attaching a further small piece of lead which means I can bring the this round to the centre of the bed and our dog can now lay comfortably.
    Mavis - April 18, 2017