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Travelling tails! Tips to help you holiday with your pets

If you are planning on taking your pet with you on holiday this summer we have some handy hints and tips, and some essential dos and don’ts to ensure your pets have a time away as relaxing as you do. Summer can be a difficult time for our pets so we have some fantastic recipes to create delicious frozen treats that not only will your pets absolutely love, but will also help them to cool off this summer. So read on! If you are short of any travel essentials you can shop our fantastic range here.

Pet travel

When travelling in this country there are some essentials you should really make sure you have before you set off. Always pack your lead and collar and, as of the 6 April 2016, it’s a legal requirement for your dog to be micro-chipped. However if you haven't yet got round to this, ensure he has an ID tag. Always bring along an adequate supply of water for the trip and it’s advised to pack your pet's normal food. This way your pet won’t be unaccustomed to a new food which could possibly cause tummy upsets! Blankets and bedding are travel essentials and always remember your baggies. Crates are great for car travel, assuming you have enough room what with all the luggage and the kitchen sink! When buying a crate the size is very important. You are looking for something that allows your dog to stand up and turn around but should not be so big your dog can slide around. Remember to pack a few toys. These can help keep your pet relaxed during the journey and also will keep your pet occupied once at your holiday destination.

Don’t leave your dog in your car!

It may seem obvious to repeat this message but incredibly people do still keep their dogs locked up in their car during summer. If the weather outside hits 30°c, within 10 minutes it can reach 39°c inside your car. After half an hour the temperature can hit a staggering 48°c. It goes without saying these temperatures are more than enough to be life threatening. There have been a number of cases this year alone where the police have been called out to break into cars in order to rescue trapped pets. While a woman in Omaha, Nebraska was charged with two counts of animal abandonment resulting in death after she left her boyfriend’s dogs in her car while out.

Frozen treats

These are an excellent way to cool your pets down during the hot summer days, while also offering a delicious treat to boot. What’s more they are ever so simple to make! These cooling treats are great in a bowl, or if you own a Kong chew toy absolutely perfect to put inside and freeze.

Frozen treats recipes Recipe 1:
Strawberry Ice Cream
Recipe 2:
Frozen Peanut butter and banana
Ingredients: Strawberries 1 cup of unsalted peanut butter
  3 or 4 cups of plain yoghurt Half a banana
Instructions: Crush the strawberries. In a large bowl mix the peanut butter with a splash of water (as needed) and the mashed up banana.
  Mix with the yoghurt. Line a cup cake tray with greaseproof paper.
  Freeze overnight. Spoon in the mixture and place in the freezer overnight.