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Serene-UM is a natural dietary supplement that contains ingredients that help stabilise and maintain brain and central nervous system health, and can naturally help with stress in your dog....  Read more


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Product details

Serene-UM is a natural dietary supplement that contains ingredients that help stabilise and maintain brain and central nervous system health, and can naturally help with stress in your dog.

It is formulated for dogs who show signs of behaviour related disorders, excessive barking, tail chasing, poor concentration, pacing, unruliness and nervousness. Serene-UM may help to relax your pet without sedating it.

Key Benefits:

  • May naturally calm and de-stress your dog.
  • Inisotol: Supports the transmission of neural signals in the brain.
  • Vitamin B3: Helps release energy from foods and also supports brain/nerve cell maintenance.
  • Taurine: May help to stabilise and maintain brain/nervous system health.
  • L-Tryptophan: Useful for regulation of mood, appetite and sleep.
  • Calcium: Helps to support bone structure maintenance and muscle contraction.
  • Zinc: Helps to support bone formation, cell-mediated immunity and host defence. 
  • Vitamin E: Helps with stability of muscular activity and in the regulation of cellular oxidation processes.
  • Selenium: Provides anti-oxidant support
  • Vitamin D3: Helps to support regulation of calcium and phosphorous homeostasis and bone mineralisation.
  • Also available as 100ml solution

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Ingredients: Inositol, Vitamin B3, Taurine, L-Tryptophan, Calcium, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Vitamin E, Selenium, Vitamin D3

Customer reviews

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  • Serene-um drops
    I purchased these drops for my nervous collie dog to help him cope with all the fireworks noise that was going on around Bonfire weekend. They helped to relax him a little bit but only when most of the noise had stopped. He's had serene-um tablets in the past but the drops seemed to get into his system quicker. You just add two teaspoons into their food, 3 times a day which is the dose for a medium size dog like him.
    Soo21 - November 14, 2018
  • For smaller dogs
    I bought this to help my puppy get used to the car and to reduce some of his separation anxiety so that he could relax with other members of the family and away from me. He does seem a bit calmer and we managed a ten minute car ride without having to stop for him to vomit, however, the listing wasn’t clear and the packaging says this is only for cats and dogs up to 10kg, which means that there was really only three days worth for my large-ish collie pup (4months old). I reduced the dose to twice a day to help get a bit longer out of it but probably wouldn’t buy it for him again. I will order something which clearly states the size of pet it is intended for.
    HugoDog - October 26, 2017
  • Relaxed!
    Our dog did not have a huge problem but ever since we moved she seemed always on edge and a bit hyper, despite 3 hour daily walks and agility training. Serene-Um was advised by a friend and since it 100% natural we decided to give it a try. Same dog, but without the hyperactive edge. Great!!!!!!! She also has no problem with the tablets, we added it to the morning treat ritual and it's always gone in a second.
    Tanny - March 2, 2017
  • Worked within 2 days
    I didn't expect much but thought I try it as last resort for the rescued cat with a stray past, over-grooming til bloody. 2 days later he is much calmer, and totally stopped the OCD grooming, is curious and is now (day 5) even starting to play a little.
    Chaela - April 10, 2016
  • My Great Dane has become increasingly afraid of fireworks as she gets older,and Serene-UM has really helped her.I would highly recommend this product.
    Andrea Freegard - December 29, 2014