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Keeping your pet safe in Summer

Summer is here and while you are enjoying the good weather and those nice picnics at the park, your best buddy will probably enjoy this time too! But be careful as they won’t be able to tell you, “hey it’s too hot for me”, or “I need a drink”. Here are a few tips to make sure we can have a great time with our pets and that they are safe at all times!
Hot weather can be a real threat for dogs. As you may already know, dogs cannot release heat by sweating as we do, and heat and humidity can increase their body temperatures to dangerous levels. While you may want to take your best friend to spend the day out with you at the park, make sure you pack few extra things for them too.

Always have enough fresh and cool water, at home with fountains for example. If you are out for a full day, don’t rely on the parks facilities or green areas, make sure you always pack extra bottles of water and a water bowl for them drink from. Ensure they drink enough water during the day, especially during hot summer days!

We all want to make the most of the summer days, but we should be careful with overexposure to sun and heat. Look for parks and picnic areas with some shelter from direct sunlight, and if not provide some shade for the hottest hours of the day taking a parasol with you so you and your pet can have some rest and cool down while still enjoying the outdoors! In any case during especially hot days it would always be recommended to avoid having your pet out in the sun running and playing to avoid a possible heat stroke.

It is important to remember that your dog’s pads are not shoes, so make sure they don’t walk on cement or hard surfaces, as it can get very hot and could burn your pet’s feet. If those areas are unavoidable you may want to consider to get some boots to protect your pet. Please also consider the use of “cooling vests” when going for walks if you think weather may be too hot.

We are all aware about the importance of sun cream on ourselves but sometimes we forget that dogs can also be at risk of skin problems due to exposure to sun during the summer time. Dogs that have light coloured fur, very short fur or lighter areas, should always be protected with a sun cream design to be used on dogs. Please do not use a human version as this can be toxic to your pet. If your dog has dark skin and dark dense fur with no exposed skin, he should probably be fine, but in any case it would still benefit from the use of sun cream.

Summer brings us the opportunity to spend time outdoor with our friends and families, but be careful, picnics and gatherings can be the perfect opportunity for your dog to eat a way too many snacks and human foods that can be dangerous for them. Always pack some of his food if you are going to spend the day out, so he can also have a light meal.

And last and one of the most important tips, never leave your dog in the car on a summer day. Even if you leave the window open or the car parked in the shade this is still a very dangerous situation for your dog. A car can heat to double outside temperatures in just 10 minutes, leading to a life-risk situation for your pet. So please ask a friend or a member of the family to dog-sit your pet while you are out doing your shopping or any other car trips.