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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Adult Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Adult Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Adult Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Calm is specially formulated to combat anxiety and reduce the effects of stress on the skin and digestive systems. How it works Stressful situations can...  Read more

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Adult Dry Cat Food

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£11.25 / kg
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Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Adult Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Adult Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Calm Adult Dry Cat Food
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Product details

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Calm is specially formulated to combat anxiety and reduce the effects of stress on the skin and digestive systems.

How it works

Stressful situations can affect your cat both mentally and physically. This food uses highly digestible proteins which help your cat to process food, reducing the impact of stress on the digestive system. It also contains a special blend of amino acids and vitamins to strengthen the skin barrier, reducing the chance of stress-related skin and fur problems.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Calm uses hydrolysed milk protein, which contains a peptide that regulates stress, and L-tryptophan, which can increase serotonin (the happy hormone) levels. Additionally, the combination of fermentable and non-fermentable fibres helps the passage of hairballs while the indigestible fibre assists digestive transit. This reduces the level of hairballs in the cat's stools.

Key benefits

  • reduces impact of stress on digestive system and skin
  • regulates stress levels and increases serotonin
  • highly digestible proteins ease impact on gastric system
  • blend of amino acids and vitamins strengthen the skin barrier
  • fibre combination regulates hairballs
  • nutritionally complete: no need to supplement with other foods.

When to use it

Stress can be triggered by a number of factors, which are usually environmental. Moving house, introducing new pets to the household, or not being allowed outside are all factors that can increase anxiety.  

When cats become stressed they tend to show it in subtle ways. Symptoms differ from animal to animal but usually include changes in grooming, eating and toilet patterns as well as reduced sociability. They may become more aggressive and jumpy, or lose their playful streak. Pica (eating things that aren't food) is another symptom. 

You can relieve stress in cats by making sure there are enough resources (hiding places, water bowls and food bowls) for them: one per cat plus one extra. If they're allowed outside let them choose when to come and go and make sure their environment is stimulating. Your vet will be able to offer more advice if you believe your pet has anxiety.

This food should be fed to cats for two to three months, although it's suitable for life-long feeding in cats with chronic stress. If you anticipate a stressful situation for your cat (such as a house move) you should start them on the diet ten to fourteen days before it happens.

Because veterinary diets are formulated for the nutritional support of pets with specific clinical conditions, we recommend that you only use them under professional advice. For more information on feeding Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Calm to your cat, please consult your veterinary surgeon.



COMPOSITION: dehydrated poultry protein, maize, rice, wheatgluten*, maize gluten, hydrolysed animal proteins, vegetable fibres, animalfats, beet pulp, minerals, fish oil, psyllium husks and seeds, soya oil,fructo-oligo-saccharides, borage oil, hydrolysed milk protein**, marigoldextract (source of lutein).
ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: VitaminA: 24900 IU, Vitamin D3: 800 IU, E1 (Iron): 40 mg, E2 (Iodine): 2.8 mg, E4(Copper): 8 mg, E5 (Manganese): 54 mg, E6 (Zinc): 202 mg, E8 (Selenium): 0.1mg, Tryptophan: 3.6 g - Preservatives - Antioxidants.
ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS:Protein: 36% - Fat content: 11% - Crude ash: 7.9% - Crude fibres: 4% -**Alpha-S1 casein trypsic hydrolysate: 0.94 g/kg. *L.I.P.: protein selected forits very high assimilation.







Potassium (%)


Magnesium (%)


Manganese (mg/kg)


Zinc (mg/kg)


Selenium (mg/kg)


Sodium (%)


Chloride (%)


Iodine (mg/kg)


Iron (mg/kg)


Copper (mg/kg)




Feeding Guide

Feeding guide:
Weight (kg) Lean Normal Overweight
(g / day) Cup/ day (g / day)  Cup / day (g / day) Cup / day
2 39 g 3/8 cup 30 g 3/8 cup 30 g 3/8 cup
3 58 g 5/8 cup 45 g 4/8 cup 45 g 4/8 cup
4 77 g 6/8 cup 61 g 5/8 cup 61 g 5/8 cup
5 96 g 1 cup 76 g 6/8 cup 76 g 6/8 cup
6 116 g 1+2/8 cup 91 g 1 cup 91 g 1 cup
7 -  - 106 g 1+1/8 cup 106 g 1+1/8 cup
8 - 121 g 1+2/8 cup 121 g 1+2/8 cup
9 - 136 g 1+3/8 cup 136 g 1+3/8 cup
10 - 152 g 1+5/8 cup 152 g 1+5/8 cup

Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 80  Reviews

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  • Great for cats with sensitive tums
    My cat seems to have a sensitive stomach, used to vomit regularly and also over-grooms herself. Vet recommended a specific food, since then I have used Royal Canin Calm and she loves it, is much happier, healthy coat etc. I could probably find cheaper food, but don't want a stressed out kitty.. she seems the sensitive kind.
    Anonymous April 26, 2021
  • Worked wonders with my cat.
    I have been feeding my cat this product and it has worked wonders. Within a couple of days I could see the difference in him. He wasn't as nervous or skittish as before and I would definitely recommend this product.
    Anonymous April 26, 2021
  • Has done wonders for my Cat!
    My cat had become very shy & timid & did not want to go outside anymore & started scratching her neck quite badly, the Vet told me it was a nervous habit she was doing & recommended Royal Canin Calm, after 7-10 days the change in her was definitely noticeable & gradually she started to show an interest in outdoor life again & she has come in leaps & bounds in her confidence & I cannot recommend this good enough - Thankyou for bringing our cat back to normal again & she’s well & truly enjoying her life again :)
    Anonymous April 26, 2021
  • Seemed to help calm my cat.
    I adopted a six year old cat who was very anxious and very aggressive. Once I began feeding her Royal Canin Calm Dry Cat food I noticed her calming down with a week or so which enabled me to begin a process of stroking and calming her.. It has been 6 months now and she rolls on her back for belly rubs. cuddles up and is very much a happier calmer cat. Although I think our interactions and love has been primary, I really noticed that her nervous system seemed to calm down with the introduction of this food. I keep it as her daily dry food along with wet food. She was in an extreme state, biting and hissing and would not allow touch. It was much more than new home anxiety as confirmed by vet. I would highly recommend this diet.
    Anonymous April 26, 2021
  • Great for cats.
    Bought this cat food on my vets recommendations and although i haven't really seen much difference in their behaviour yet ( early days?), their coats seem thicker and they enjoy eating it ( mixed in with the james wellbeloved biscuits)
    Anonymous April 26, 2021