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Pet Munchies Dog Treats - Ocean White Fish
Pet Munchies Dog Treats - Ocean White Fish

Pet Munchies Dog Treats - Ocean White Fish

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  Pet Munchies ocean white fish is a treat designed to give your pet a healthy boost between meals and can be used during training to reward good behaviour. How it works This treat contains...  Read more

Pet Munchies Dog Treats - Ocean White Fish

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Product details


Pet Munchies ocean white fish is a treat designed to give your pet a healthy boost between meals and can be used during training to reward good behaviour.
How it works
This treat contains only high-quality white fish, baked to preserve the delicious taste and succulent texture. It also has a great smell which your dog will love. These snacks are packed in a resealable pouch to preserve freshness and to make them easy to carry when you're out of the house.
Pet Munchies doesn't contain any artificial preservatives or additives and is packed full of tasty fishy flavours that dogs love. The recipe's also fortified with naturally occurring omega-3. This healthy fatty acid helps to improve the condition of your pet’s coat and skin, and boost their immune system as they age.
Key benefits

  • suitable for dogs with meat intolerances
  • nutritious fish protein
  • a healthy treat for all breeds of dog
  • can be used during training
  • high in healthy omega-3
  • naturally low in fat and carbohydrates
  • easy to digest.

When to use it
If your pet has problems digesting their usual meals, they could be intolerant to the proteins in meat. This 100% natural treat contains only white fish, so it's a good alternative to meat. Pet Munchies ocean white fish is just as chewy and tasty as regular pet treats, so there'll be no fuss at dinnertime. Plus, by munching on this food, your pet will also be helping their oral health, as chewing can gently remove tartar build-up on their teeth.
If you're teaching your furry friend a new trick or skill, giving them a small reward will help to reinforce the training process. These make a good choice as they can be broken into pieces and won’t affect your pet's usual diet as the recipe's low in fat and carbohydrates. 

Always speak to your vet before changing your pet's diet.

Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 12  Reviews

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  • Delicious healthy snacks!
    Our Jack Russell terrier loves these fishy snacks!
    Tessa - December 27, 2020
  • White Fish Pet Munchies
    My Lurcher has had pancreatitis and has sensitive digestion but, Pet Munchies have been perfect for him, especially the white fish, as I have found that even the crunchy fish skin products affect him adversely. I now keep a big supply of various Pet Munchies treats.
    Hilary - August 10, 2018
  • Fiddle sticks Chicken strips
    The wooffer has had the chicken strips as his favourite for a long time and it doesn't look as though there will be any let up any time soon ! Best of all from our point of view is that these do not contain any preservatives or additives which in our chaps case can be a down side being a Westie, what with the breeds history for poor skin condition.
    The Toad. Southampton. - February 6, 2017
  • Brilliant service
    Really good prices and such quick delivery. Highly recommended.
    Jackie C - January 30, 2017
  • Doggie Treats
    My little dog loves these Pet Munchies treats. She has a couple of the chicken sticks or beef and liver sticks, along with the chicken and calcium during the day and her special favourite is the ocean fish stick at bedtime. As she has eating issues, these low fat treats are ideal and not too expensive. She would rather eat these than food.
    Sandra Balderson - January 27, 2017