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Pedigree Dentastix
Pedigree Dentastix

Pedigree Dentastix

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Pedigree Dentastix are tasty treats designed to clean your dog's teeth as they chew. How it works Pedigree Dentastix have been proven to reduce the buildup of tartar by up to 80% when used...  Read more

Pedigree Dentastix

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Product details

Pedigree Dentastix are tasty treats designed to clean your dog's teeth as they chew.
How it works
Pedigree Dentastix have been proven to reduce the buildup of tartar by up to 80% when used daily. The special X shape of the chew gets in between teeth and gums, scraping away tartar (a hard calcium buildup) and plaque (a sticky bacteria-packed film). These can lead to discoloured teeth, bad breath and gum disease. 

The chews are low in sugar and fat, making them a healthy addition to your adult dog's regular diet. They're also free from artificial colours and flavours, which can cause hyperactivity in some animals. It's best to follow the feeding instructions on the pack to avoid overfeeding your dog.
Key benefits

  • can reduce buildup of tartar by 80%
  • special X shape cleans hard-to-reach places
  • keeps teeth clean
  • low in sugar and fat
  • free from artificial colours and flavours
  • designed for dogs aged four months and older

How to use it
Using Pedigree Dentastix as part of your dog's oral hygiene routine can help to prevent them from developing gum disease, which is usually caused by a buildup of tartar along the gumline. Four out of five dogs aged three and older suffer from this condition, which can be prevented by regular brushing and special chews such as these. 

As well as being painful, this can lead to tooth loss. Symptoms of gum disease include bleeding gums, a loss of appetite, drooling a lot more than usual and pawing at the mouth. If you notice any of these concerning symptoms, it's best to book your pet into the vet for a checkup. 



Cereals, Derivatives of vegetable origin, Minerals (Sodium Tripoliphosphate min 1.9%, Zinc Sulphate min 0.07%), Meat and animal derivatives, Vegetable protein extracts, Oils and Fats.

Nutritional additives:

Zinc sulphate heptahydrate: 1045 mg,Sensory additives: beef flavour: 842 mg, Chicken flavour: 286 mg.

Analytical Constituents: 

Small dogs 

Protein 8.5%, fat content 1.8%, inorganic matter 5.3%, crude fibres 2.8%, moisture 13.5%, energy 302kcal/100g.

Medium/Large dogs

Protein 8.5%, fat content 1.8%, inorganic matter 5.3%, crude fibres 2.3%,moisture 13.5%, energy 302kcal/100g.

Feeding Guide

Recommended quantity/day:

1 Dentastix per day in addition to daily balanced meals. This treat is not suitable for puppies younger than 4 months.

Use each sachet within 14 days of opening.

Always make sure that your dog has access to plenty of water.

Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 140  Reviews

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  • Dental stix
    My dog been having these since he was young and he;s 12 years old. Has them in the evening and won't leave me alone till he's had it .he loves them .
    Lynn. - May 27, 2020
  • Dentastix
    All three of my dogs have these every morning before our walk. They think they are great.
    John - May 7, 2020
  • Dentastix Large
    My Brown Labrador Sassy has a Dentastix every day and her teeth are still as white as they were when she was a puppy. She is now 2 years and 5 months old. When we come back from our walk she won't go into the house without her Dentastix to chew.
    Jane - January 7, 2019
  • Favourite “Treat”
    My Whippet loves these and cleans her teeth with half a stick after her two meals.
    Lesley - December 7, 2018
  • Amazing prices!!
    Great company, prompt delivery service. I save £s as I have 2 dogs. Thank you pet supermarket. Dentastix my dogs favourite xx
    Sheila - October 29, 2018