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Kong Extreme Black Flyer
Kong Extreme Black Flyer

Kong Extreme Black Flyer

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Teach your dog to play fetch with the Kong Extreme Flyer. How it works This toy is a great way to get your dog on their feet, in the garden and playing fetch with you. It’s shaped like a...  Read more

Kong Extreme Black Flyer

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Product details

Teach your dog to play fetch with the Kong Extreme Flyer.
How it works

This toy is a great way to get your dog on their feet, in the garden and playing fetch with you. It’s shaped like a frisbee so it flies easily through the air for your dog to chase after. Made from strong rubber, it’ll stand up to even the roughest of chews and will stick around for longer than other outdoor toys. Flexible and soft, it’s also gentle on teeth and gums, even for young puppies. It’s non-toxic too, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet to gnaw on this toy.
Key benefits

  • made from durable, flexible black rubber
  • perfect for playing fetch to exercise and bond with your dog
  • aerodynamic shape for accurate flight
  • can be rolled along like a wheel for ground-level chasing
  • non-toxic for safe play

When to use it

Dogs are active creatures that need plenty of exercise. Get your dog moving and tire them out with a fun game of frisbee using this handy toy. High-intensity activities keep their muscles supple, their mind engaged and helps them to bond with you. Aim to spend around 30 minutes a day playing challenging and physical games with your dog. Fetch is a great option as it teaches skills and obedience. You can even roll this toy across the floor like a wheel for your dog to chase after.

As this product made from bouncy rubber, it’ll double up as a great chew toy too. All dogs need to chew – it’s a natural behaviour from puppyhood that massages gums, relieves stress and releases pent-up energy. Leave this frisbee lying around when you head out to encourage your pet away from your furniture. 


Customer reviews

2.4 out of 5 9  Reviews

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  • Kong Extreme Flyer
    purchased these many times and will buy again.My dog loves to play frisbee !!!
    PD - December 6, 2016
  • Have always bought the excellent Kong Flyer which is brilliant! The best toy my dog(a staffie) has ever had. Bought the super Flyer recently expecting it somehow to be even better and it is not nearly as good as the original. I can't get it to fly properly. I think its because it is more floppy than the original.
    Alex van Oortmerssen - December 24, 2014
  • My GSD absolutely loves this toy a Kong Extreme Flyer, it's a pity she hasn't managed yet to throw it back to me. What I love about it is the way you can screw it up to put inside a coat pocket then it's no bigger to carry then a Tennis ball. Great product and good fun for Dog and owner!
    Cliff - October 21, 2013
  • First purchase of this Kong Extreme Flyer. Previously bought red ones which my staffie would demolish in about 3 weeks. Guess how long this one lasted....15 minutes. What a total waste of money. So if you have a dog that 'rags' toys, don't buy this, You will just be throwing money in the bin.
    Chris - July 12, 2013
  • Great frisbee! My dog has had a few weeks testing it. She puts holes in normal plastic frisbees just fetching them. This has lasted a lot longer than if I'd spent the same money on normal frisbees and not a mark on it yet :) She treats it a lot rougher than a normal frisbee too, shaking it like a ra
    Anonymous September 7, 2012