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Kokoba Water Dispenser

Kokoba Water Dispenser
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The Kokoba water dispenser is the easy way to keep your pet's drink supply topped up. How it works This handy dispenser automatically gives out water as and when your pet needs it. It flows... Read more

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Product details

The Kokoba water dispenser is the easy way to keep your pet's drink supply topped up.

How it works

This handy dispenser automatically gives out water as and when your pet needs it. It flows from the compartment into the bowl, so your four legged friend will never go thirsty. All you need to do is to watch the amount inside and keep it topped up. As bacteria breed in water, it's best to change it completely once a day. When you do this, wipe down the inside to remove any biofilm (that thin sheet of algae that grows on still water). The dispenser is made from strong and durable plastic, which is non-toxic and able to stand up to the most enthusiastic drinkers. It's perfect if you have more than one pet, as you'll need to have a lot of liquid available.

Key benefits

  • made from durable, high-quality plastic
  • ensures your pet has a constant supply of fresh water
  • available in a range of sizes
  • easy to refill
  • smooth surfaces are easy to clean.

When to use it

Your pet's drink supply should always be kept relatively full, and should ideally be changed twice a day. This can be difficult to keep an eye on if you have a busy schedule. During hot weather (or cold weather when the heating is on) pets get even thirstier. This dispenser ensures your animals will always have water even if you need to be out of the house for longer than you'd planned.


Small can hold up to 0.5L

Medium can hold up to 1.5L

Large can hold up to 3.5L

Size Guide

  H (cm) W (cm) D(cm)
Small 17.5 11 18
Medium 24 16 27
Large 30.5 18.5 29.5

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 30  Reviews

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  • water dispenser
    Nice size. Ideal for the rabbits, as I dont use the normal one for them. as feel it not natural and could hurt their mouths.
    Iain - May 20, 2019
  • Small size is great for small dogs
    The small size is ideal for putting inside dog pens - which I use for my Chihuahuas from time to time when on heat or need to be kept separate. Leaving the cage door open often means that others will go to these little water dispenser in preference to similar middle size ones that I use a lot of the time. They can be a bit a bit fiddly to fill at first but easy once you get the hang of them.
    Jenny - August 30, 2018
  • Great water dish re fills as my pet drinks
    I opened the box a little aprensive thinking a lot of water to leak out if it didn’t work.. I tested it over the sink the dish filled but then it stopped. My pet took to it straight away. Confusing bit was the false lid and no top way to fill the dispenser. The false lid had me thinking could it be filled from the top lucky I didn’t cut the plastic underneath which would have been a big mistake . The best way to fill it is to unclip the bowl from the water container, then fill the water container clip the bowl back in place then tip the bowl with water tank up right so the bowl fills up. Fiddley but excellent for making sure your dog has plenty of drinking water.
    Denise - August 19, 2018
  • Awesome feeder for hedgehog
    Bought for a drink station for hedgehog and after you tubeing how to fill it without emptying half of it...well its brilliant. Not sure why theres a fake lid on top but hey ho bargain either way.
    Tracy Smith - August 3, 2018
  • tidy product
    I purchased this as a replacement for a previous water dispenser and am yet to be fully convinced. It does the job and is easy to assemble but the water level sits low so as yet I've not trusted it completely.
    deb evans - July 18, 2018