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Flea treatment in your home: a guide to getting rid of infestations

When your pet has fleas it is the adults that are found on your pet but the eggs, larvae and pupae, which make up 90% of the flea population, are largely found in the surrounding environment; your house and garden.  It is therefore important to control and eradicate such populations.  Follow our step by step guide to eradicating fleas from your household.

-         Firstly, your pet should be treated against the fleas using a good quality spot-on treatment.  Choosing the right flea product for your pet depends on whether you also require a preventative treatment for other parasites as well.

-         Around the house thorough vacuuming will go a long way towards getting rid of the eggs, pupae and rest of the population of the fleas. Extra attention should be paid to the areas that the pet frequents the most. 

-         Wash all soft bedding used by the animal and any removable furniture covers the pet has had contact with.

-         Household sprays such as Indorex or Skoosh are also very effective and help prevent the development of eggs. Skoosh is a non-toxic spray that can even be safely used on the pet itself. Some sprays will have a long residual lifespan in the environment, and may be best in situations where flea control is proving problematic.

-        Dispose of vacuum bags regularly to avoid a build up of immature fleas in the bag. 

Initiating all or several of these measures will help to eradicate fleas from both your home and your pet, but protecting your animal against such parasites using preventative treatments should be a regular routine in order to keep fleas at bay.