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Feliway Refill

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Feliway Refill
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Create a stress-free environment for your cat at the flick of a switch with Feliway Refill. How it works When attached to a diffuser, Feliway Refill releases a powerful hormone that makes... Read more

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Product details

Create a stress-free environment for your cat at the flick of a switch with Feliway Refill.

How it works

When attached to a diffuser, Feliway Refill releases a powerful hormone that makes your cat feel safe and relaxed. This pheromone is the same one that cats produce when they rub their faces on you or your furniture – it leaves a subtle scent behind that signals that the area can be trusted. It’s also released by mother cats when they’re nursing their kittens. If your cat is getting stressed by environmental factors like fireworks, change of environment or unfamiliar guests, or if they’re generally highly strung, you can help them calm down and feel at home with Feliway.

Key features

  • provides a soothing environment for 50-70 square meters
  • safe to use alongside other medications
  • won’t make your cat drowsy
  • makes for a quick solution to problematic behaviour like aggression
  • lasts for 30 days when left on continuously.
  • no effect on humans.

When to use it

Many problematic behaviours in cats stem from them feeling uncomfortable and threatened, so if your cat can be a little aggressive or destructive, it’s worth giving Feliway Refills a try. Other less obvious signs of stress include your cat becoming more withdrawn and unsociable than usual or if they stop using their litter box appropriately. It’s important to keep an eye out for any sudden changes in your cat’s behaviour or uncharacteristic reactions, as cats can be very sensitive to the slightest changes in their environment.

As well as making sure your cat is happy day to day, minimising stress is also important for their long-term health. Chronic stress over a long period can weaken the immune system, potentially making them prone to opportunistic diseases like kidney infections.

Feliway also makes a spray that you can use to help trips to the vet or a cattery become more pleasant for your cat.

Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 103  Reviews

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  • Reducing your cat's stress the easy way
    I have used Feliway diffusers for years. With five cats , two of which are scaredy cats, they defuse a lot of stress and tension and all I have to do is plug them in.
    Maggie Elliott - February 3, 2020
  • Relaxed cat
    Works very well keeping my friends cat nice and relaxed. Excellent service as always.
    Bella - October 8, 2019
  • Calmer cats
    I have used Felliway for a while as it is very useful with my two cats who often get stressed with changes around the home. Decorating and new furniture unnerve them so this helps calm them down. It is also useful when we go on holiday and the cats have a "sitter".
    LadyAmber - April 27, 2019
  • Feliway diffuser is brilliant it really works!
    Since moving last summer into a small bungalow, my 3 cats are much more thrown together than before, especially during winter when they don't go out much. There was the beginning of constant quarrels especially between the two {neutered males) I tried Feliway when we moved because of the upset for them and it has calmed them all a lot,especially in the evenings I switch it on and ensure peace and quiet for everybody! I wouldn't be without it now.
    Gillian Langton - February 9, 2019
  • Great product
    My two cats were always having spats but this has stopped since using this product
    Barbara - December 17, 2018