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Prescription FAQs

Why does this item need a prescription?
Some medications can legally only be supplied with a prescription written by a vet. The vet may need to examine your pet before they sign a prescription.
How can I get a prescription?
There are two ways to get a prescription:
1. You can ask your vet to fill one out for you at the time of diagnosis
2. You can print off our template and ask your vet to fill and sign it.
You can order your prescription products immediately but we cannot ship prescription medicine to you until we receive a copy of your prescription by fax, email or post, so be sure to forward it to us as quickly as possible.

• If faxing or emailing your prescription please post the original copy to us within 30 days as we need it for our records or to dispense any repeats.
• Please note we cannot accept faxed or emailed copies for Epiphen tablets as it is a controlled drug and only the original prescription is acceptable.

How long does a prescription last for?
Veterinary Prescriptions are valid for 6 months from the date of issue or shorter if specified by your vet. This means you have 6 months from that date in which to use your prescription, including any repeats. After 6 months have passed your prescription expires and you need to obtain a new one, even if you have not purchased the full amount of medication it allows.

Can a prescription be repeatable?
Yes. If your pet requires long-term treatment your vet may allow repeats on your prescription. The vet will specify how many times the prescription can be repeated. This will allow you to re-order without having to provide a new prescription each time. Once all repeats have been used, or your prescription expires, you will need to provide a new prescription.

How do I order repeats for a prescription on file from a previous order?
If you have sent a prescription in for a previous order within the last 6 months and know that the prescription can be repeated to cover this new order, you have nothing else to do. You will simply receive an email confirmation when your order is being dispatched. In order to be able to dispatch your repeat order the following day, please place you order BEFORE 5 PM. Please let us know if you have not received your order within 5 days.

Is it enough to simply fax or scan/email my prescription to you?
We accept faxed or scanned prescriptions however we still require the original paper prescription to be sent to us by post within 30 days of placing your order and require that you do this before any repeats on your prescription can be filled.*Please note we cannot accept faxed or emailed prescriptions for Epiphen as it a controlled drug and only the original prescription is acceptable.

If you need to talk to us;

About prescription medicines or any aspect of our prescription service, including complaints;


Please write to: Anna Paonne, Superintendent Pharmacist


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Email:                   anna.paonne@medicanimal.com


Tel:                      0203 002 2164


For serious matters in relation to veterinary medicines, and only if t MA30022he matter could not be satisfactorily resolved by us, click here to contact the VMD directly. The VMD is a Government agency responsible for licensing veterinary medicines and making sure that they’re manufactured and supplied according to the Veterinary Medicines Regulations.