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Partnering with your charity

Commitment to charity:
“Care with a Conscience” means helping all animals and their owners, not just some. Working with animal charities is one of the two founding principles behind MedicAnimal (the other being working with Vets), and we take this mission very seriously, whether we make donations, offer discounts on orders or promote the work of such organisations.

If you would like to find out which charities we are partnering with or learn about the work they do, please email us at : charity@medicanimal.com

Partnering with your charity/Charity discounts:

While we are already in contact with many of the large charities in Europe, we recognise that often it is the local animal charities that need the most help in improving the welfare of animals. If you are part of such organisation, we can help you in the three following ways:
1. If you are currently too small to receive products direct from manufacturers we will make them available to you at a discounted price.
2. If you would like to reach out to pet owners or veterinarians in your area to raise awareness to your cause or services you would like to offer, we will help you get your message across to any interested clients free of charge.
3. If you are thinking of organising a fund raiser or event let us know and we will donate time, money or product to your cause, depending on the size and objective of your event
For further information or to discuss your charity with a member of our team, please email your contact details (including your Registered Charity Number) to Charity@MedicAnimal.com