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Raisins 'are toxic to dogs' (08/02/2012)

Dog food should not contain toxic human foods

Raisins are toxic to dogs When feeding your pets cat or dog food it's important to remember that some human foods can be toxic to animals, an expert claims.

New research from MORE TH>N Pet Insurance showed that almost three-quarters of cat and dog owners regularly feed their pets leftover takeaways and fast food.

This could explain why the survey also found that one in three pets is now obese.

However, pet obesity is not the only health concern faced by dogs in particular, according to Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club secretary.

"Some foods that are fine for human are toxic for dogs," Ms Kisko claims, citing foods such as raisins, chocolate and grapes.

She also points out other household items such as paracetamol and plants like poinsettia, which can both be extremely toxic to canines.ADNFCR-1962-ID-801287865-ADNFCR