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Can cat food can be harmful to dogs? (23/01/2012)

Will your dog suffer from eating cat food?

Can cat food can be harmful to dogs? It can be tricky to stop your dog from tucking into any sort of food it comes across, but by allowing your dog to tuck into your cat's dinner are you doing them any damage?

Although to humans there may not be much difference between the two types of food – and a hungry dog certainly won't be too discerning – it has often been suggested that cat food is harmful to dogs, particular those with canine kidney disease.

Yes, some cat food tends to contain higher levels of protein and fat compared with canine food, which will obviously make your dog quickly put on weight if it is regularly eating form the cat's bowl, but research has shown that raised levels of protein are not necessarily linked to renal problems.

It is of course best to ensure your pets are eating the correct food at all times, but if your pet is suffering from kidney disease then there are foods you can offer your pet that will help you manage the illness.

These products contain anti-oxidants that will help ease the affects of kidney disease in your dog, but consult your vet or a pet expert first before you buy to be sure you are providing the right food for the condition.ADNFCR-1962-ID-801272465-ADNFCR