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DEFRA launches bovine TB advice package (30/09/2011)

Bovine TB can be very contagious.

Livestock owners have been offered advice on how to reduce the risk of their cattle contracting tuberculosis (TB) from wildlife.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has launched a range of measures to tackle bovine TB, including a video that can be found on YouTube.

Agriculture minister Jim Paice commented: "Good wildlife biosecurity will help to reduce the risk of cattle getting TB, and this video will help ensure famers have the most up-to-date advice to take simple and effective steps.

"TB is a devastating disease and good biosecurity is part of the comprehensive package of measures we need to get the disease under control and start to eradicate it."

The government also set out the amount of compensation payable this month to farmers who have had their cattle compulsorily slaughtered to stem bovine TB infection.

This ranges from £57 for a non-pedigree dairy sector bull aged less than three months all the way to £4,053 for a pedigree bull in the beef sector aged between 12 and 24 months.