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Owners spend money on pets despite economy (31/03/2011)

Dog food is one of the main areas of expenditure.

Despite the ongoing poor economic situation, research has found pet owners still lavish money and resources on their beloved animals.

Petanim.com reports on research from the American Pet Products Association showing last year pet owners spent $47.7 billion (£29.7 billion) across the US on their furry friends.

Dog food and cat food accounted for a large proportion of this expenditure, with around $30 billion going towards feeding a pet in the previous year.

Other supplies, trips to the vet and grooming and kennel fees made up the rest of the outgoings.

Meanwhile, the Sun Journal reports that a voluntary centre in Fairfield, located in the US state of Maine, has seen success with its Pet Food Pantry.

This helps residents who can no longer afford to feed their pets because they have lost their job or have fallen on hard times.

Brogan Horton, founder of the Animal Rescue Unit, told the news source that for most of the applicants, the situation is temporary and they need help in the short-term to avoid giving up their pet.