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Prescription FAQ's

  1. 1.      My dog, Jess, is on Rimadyl permanently for arthritis in her hips. I have always purchased from my vet, but have seen that your prices are much lower than my vet’s. Can I just send in a scan of the label on the current bottle of Rimadyl?

Unfortunately, no. This does not qualify as a prescription, and by law we must collect a valid prescription from you first before dispensing (sending) any drugs to you.

So how do I get a prescription?

You need to ask your vet to write out the prescription for you. You can print off a copy of the template on our website for your vet to fill in or they can write their own.  It must include the following information:

-          Your name and address

-          Your pet’s name and species

-          The name, strength and quantity of the drug being prescribed

-          Dosage instructions (these are put on the label)

-          Finally it MUST be signed and dated by a vet


  1. 2.      Can I use a prescription more than once?

It depends on the prescription. If your vet specifies that it may be repeated, or you only order a portion of the total quantity of drugs allowed by the prescription (eg. You order 28 Fortekor tablets, but the prescription is made out for 56) then you may, but ONLY under these circumstances. 

How does my vet go about specifying repeats?

It must be clearly stated on the prescription that the prescription “May be repeated …. times”. The number of repeats issued is up to your vet.

So if it says 2 repeats then I get 2 orders of that quantity in total?

No, the best example is a prescription with 1 repeat. This means you can use it for the initial order, and that it may be repeated once, ie. 2 orders in total. So if the script says 2 repeats that means you can use it three times in total.


  1. 3.      How long is a prescription valid for? I got a prescription written out 3 months ago and have not used it yet.

By default single-use prescriptions are valid for 6 months, UNLESS otherwise specified on the prescription. So this means you have 6 months from the date they are written to have them filled. Some vets specify a shorter date, some as little as 1 week, so make sure you read the whole prescription carefully.

  1. 4.      Once I send in a prescription with repeats specified on it to you do I have to resend it each time I order?

No. We will keep it on file here for you to use. We use a database that keeps track of previous prescriptions sent in to us, so each time you place an order the vet will check that you still have repeats available and that the prescription has not passed its validity date. Be aware that you may still receive a prescription required email that is automatically generated, if you think you have repeats available you can ignore this, you should receive another email within 12 hours confirming that we have the prescription on file and telling you how many repeats you now have left. If you don’t receive this email, then you should contact us as your prescription may have expired or run out of repeats.

  1. 5.      Can I fax or email my prescription to you?

No. We are only able to accept original prescriptions sent in by post. We suggest you take a copy before sending it, as we cannot be responsible for it's safe delivery. Additionally, it's wise to send it by signed for mail, to minimise the chance of any postal delays.

  1. 6.      Can you send insulin through the post? How do you ensure it is kept cold?

We certainly can send insulin through the post. We send it out with a cold gel-pack, that stays at fridge temperature for 3-4 days. We never send insulin on a Friday, as it is likely to remain in the postal system over the weekend, and this would be at the upper limits of the length of time the cold packs remain cold enough.

  1. 7.      Are the drugs you send the same as the ones I get from my vet?

Identical. We use the same suppliers as your vet, and only source UK licensed products.

So the drugs you sell are never substituted for a cheaper alternative?

Absolutely not. By law we must dispense to you EXACTLY the drug on your prescription. So if you have a prescription for Metacam we are only able to supply Metacam.


  1. 8.      I have a prescription for Propalin, but I notice that Urilin has the same active ingredient and is cheaper per ml. Can I buy that instead?

No. If your prescription specifies Propalin then that is the only drug we can legally dispense to you.

  1. 9.      I notice that on your website you say that you require the original prescription in order to dispense Epiphen. Why is it different to all the other products you sell?

Epiphen is a controlled drug, so in order to guard against prescription fraud we ask for the original before disensing the medicine. We also aim to validate each Epiphen prescription with the prescribing vet. Ultimately it’s to protect you, your vet and your pet.

10.  My vet has written me a prescription for 60 Vetmedin tablets, but I notice you only sell them in hundreds. The prescription has 2 repeats available. How many can I get in total?

Your prescription entitles us to dispense 180 tablets to you. However, as we only sell in bottles of 100 you would be best to purchase 100 now, as you will need to obtain a new prescription for at least 20 tablets before we can dispense the remaining 80 tablets that are on your current prescription (ie. dispense a second bottle of 100).

11.  My vet has written that the duration of treatment is “ongoing” on the prescription he has given me for Optimmune for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Does this mean it’s repeatable for the life of my dog?

Unfortunately no, this is only a guideline for the dispensing vet (us, in this case) so that when we receive future scripts from you we can be sure that your vet’s intention was that your dog stay on the medication on an ongoing basis. Legally, a prescription can only be valid for up to 6 months, in any case.

So can I get repeats for 6 months then?

Not unless the vet has clearly specified the repeats may be issued. If there is no specification, then by default the prescription MAY NOT be repeated. Have repeats been specified anywhere on the script?

No. I notice now that it only says single use, so I guess I can only use it once.

Yes, that’s right. You’ll need a new prescription when you want to place your next order.


12.  My vet insists that I take my 17 year-old cat with kidney failure back for a check every 3 months before he will renew the prescription I have for Fortekor. I thought that he was obliged by law to issue me a prescription if I asked for one, is this not the case?

A 3-monthly check is quite standard practice in the veterinary world. There are many reasons for it, but most importantly it is done to ensure that the drug you are giving is still appropriate, and that the dose rate doesn’t need changing, as well as checking that there are no additional treatments that have become necessary in the meantime and allowing the vet to perform any monitoring tests (like blood tests) that they feel may be needed. Your vet has a duty of care to your pet, and whilst he cannot refuse outright to give a prescription when one has been requested, he is quite within his rights, and is in fact acting in the best interests of the pet, if he insists on seeing the animal first.

13.  Do I need to purchase the full amount of the drug on the prescription at one time (if it’s for 150 tablets that you have for sale individually can I buy 30 at a time)?

No, you can purchase it is smaller amounts if you wish. We will email each time you order to let you know how many tablets, or packs of medication you have left to purchase.

14.  I have a prescription for 3 different drugs. I am about to run out of 1 of them, but I have plenty left of the other 2. Can I just buy the one I need?

Of course. We will keep the prescription on file, and you just need to let us know the order number for the first order you placed on that prescription when you make subsequent orders for the other 2 drugs.

15.  How do I go about ordering a prescription drug from you?

First, ask your vet to provide a prescription for the medication in question, either using the MedicAnimal Prescription form, or by writing their own prescription. Then hop onto our website and order the drug, making sure you do not order a larger quantity than the prescription allows. Next you need to send the prescription to us, by post. Once we receive the prescription we will send you an email telling you that we have received it, and how many (if any) repeats are still available on it. We will then process and dispatch your order within 24 hours.

16.  How is a prescription medicine different from a non-prescription one?

Prescription medicines are those medicines that should only be used under veterinary supervision or advice. They are drugs that in some cases might be detrimental if used incorrectly (for the wrong condition or at the wrong dose rate).

17.  Why do I need a prescription?

Some medicines are only available with a prescription. This is to ensure that the decision to use the drug has been made by a person qualified to assess the pet’s condition (ie. a vet), and that directions will be given for the correct use of the drug at the correct intervals. It also ensures that the drug will not be used for longer than necessary. Writing a prescription means that your vet passes on all this information to the vets at MedicAnimal, and that the drugs will be labelled with the correct dosage instructions, storage instructions and any warnings for you to follow.

18.  I normally get Frontline Combo for my dog from my vet, but I see that it requires a prescription and that I can purchase Frontline Spot-On without needing to obtain a prescription. What’s the difference?

Both products are preventative treatments against fleas, ticks and biting lice. They both kill ticks that have attached to the pet within 48 hours and the quality of prevention they provide against both ticks an biting lice is identical for both products. The difference is in the flea control. Both products will kill 98-100% of ADULT fleas within 24 hours for approximately 2 months, but Frontline Combo has an additional ingredient that will prevent development of all immature stages of the flea’s life cycle. This means that Frontline Combo is the better choice if you’re home has been subject to a heavy infestation of fleas, your pet is often in contact with lots of other animals, or frequents areas likely to have a heavy environmental flea burden. In all other circumstances Frontline Spot-On should be quite adequate.