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Collovet is a restorative and appetite stimulant, ideal for fussy & finicky eaters. It is an extremely palatable water soluble liquid. Collovet can also be used to assist in overcoming post competitive fatigue or to promote ‘bloom’ in animals.

Key Benefits:

  • Stimulates appetite
  • Improves nervous ‘tone’ in animals undergoing training or racing
  • Improves capacity for muscular work
  • Conditions animals for show or sale and promotes a healthy bloom to the coat
  • Keeps animals eating and keeps them growing.

Collovet is readily accepted by all animals.  It is most useful where animals are suffering from performance or handling stress and where they are “off feed” or suffering from “training off syndrome” or recovering from illness.
Collovet is formulated to provide essential elements most often lacking in an animal recovering from illness or subjected to severe bodily exertion caused by intense or prolonged exercise, high standards ofproduction or performance.