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Tylan Soluble


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Tylan Soluble is tylosin tartrate BP (Vet), a white to medium yellow coloured soluble powder for oral solution. Each bottle contains 100 g of tylosin activity.
For the prevention and treatment of bovine pneumonia associated with bovine respiratory Mycoplasma or Pasteurella multocida sensitive to tylosin.
For the control of Mycoplasma synoviae airsacculitis in chickens and Mycoplasma gallisepticum S6 in chickens and turkeys. In the field Tylan Soluble has also proved useful in reducing the level of infection following stress association with live vaccination.
As an aid in the control of outbreaks of necrotic enteritis caused by Clostridia perfringens in chickens.
For the prevention and control of enzootic pneumonia, swine dysentery and other scours caused by organisms (e.g. Lawsonia intracellularis) sensitive to tylosin, in pigs.
Dosage and administration
One gram of Tylan Soluble per young calf administered orally twice daily for seven to fourteen days. The product may be incorporated into the milk or reconstituted milk replacer at the time of feeding.
Chickens and turkeys
Tylan Soluble is administered in the drinking water at a concentration of 0.5 g per litre to provide 50-200 mg/kg bw, depending on the age and the water consumption of the birds.
For the prevention and control of swine dysentery and enzootic pneumonia, Tylan soluble is administered in the drinking water to provide 25 mg/kg bodyweight. This may be achieved by adding 0.25g per litre (1.1 g/gal).
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