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Royal Canin Exigent 35/30 Savour Sensation


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Royal Canin Savour Sensation is a complete pet food for adult cats over 1 year with very fussy appetites. Mouth feel is a distinguishing factor in dietary choice. Each cat interprets the flavours and texture of a food according to its individual preference.

Key Benefits:

  • The special formulation helps maintain ideal weight with a moderate energy content.
  • The complex of active nutrients, including biotin and borage oil (rich in omega 6), contributes to the coat beauty.

Savour Sensation with two kibbles of different shapes, composition and texture which act together in the mouth, is a complete nutritional response for fussy cats. While its mouth feel is what makes it stand out, Savour Sensation also meets all the other palatability criteria, with an aroma and balanced macro nutrients for a uniquely palatable response.

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