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DEFRA launches bovine TB advice package (30/09/2011)

Farmers will be offered advice on managing bovine TB. This includes a video. It also covers wildlife biosecurity advice.

BSE testing age for cattle is raised (30/06/2011)

Restrictions on BSE testing have been eased. This is due to improvements in getting rid of the disease. It is good news for those who keep beef cattle.

Bluetongue cases 'will spread' (30/06/2011)

Research suggests cases of bluetongue will increase in the coming decades. Infection can affect sheep and cattle. Findings could help predict disease patterns.

Straw shortage could be expensive for farmyard animal owners (17/06/2011)

Drought means straw production will be down. Pig owners could pay more for straw. Owners advised to store surplus bedding safely.

Bluetongue restrictions lifted on some sheep and cow exports (14/06/2011)

Cattle and sheep will not necessarily have to meet bluetongue restrictions. New rule comes into effect next month. Some animals will still be subjected to criteria.

Minister explains role of new animal health board (29/04/2011)

The body will gather external advice for ministers. MPs will have to explain their decisions. It will be a tough discipline.

Micro pigs 'make great alternative pets' (20/04/2011)

Mini pigs are cute. They can be good pets for people with allergies. They can live a long time.

Micro pigs can grow bigger than expected.

Micro pigs 'are being discarded following craze' (24/01/2011)

Pet owners have been reminded not to buy animals because of a trend. Micro pigs can grow bigger than predicted. Pigs can become destructive if kept alone.

Dairy cow welfare is still in doubt

Animal disease concerns 'persist today' (23/10/2009)

A new report suggests that there are still concerns about the welfare of dairy cows in Britain. Professor Christopher Wathes, who chairs the Farm Animal Welfare Council, said that there has not been a significant improvement in dairy cow welfare over ...

Government wants farmers to contribute to disease control

Farmers likely to face increased animal health costs (16/10/2009)

An NFU spokesman has said that pressure for farmers to contribute towards animal disease control measures is likely to remain, regardless of who wins the general election. Kevin Pearce told Farmers Weekly that the issue of cost-sharing is unlikely to ...

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